Small and medium sized enterprises to use the Shanghai dragon as a low cost marketing

price war between peers on the Internet have never stopped, the price war brings the marketing Chen is very high, very little benefit, long-term do not sense, awareness, the price war can bring to the enterprise reputation and brand such as: 360 and QQ 360, and love Shanghai war, Jingdong and Suning the price war, jiaduobao and Wong Lo Kat war, these are the use of the powerful brand each other as background role for oneself, promote their brand awareness, let users remember their own brand. The establishment of database in Shanghai Longfeng marketing inside must be used, you must use the customer contact management software, their own enterprise "

1. low cost marketing is not to spend money, spend money, but the wisdom of the reasonable and accurate

to build the Shanghai dragon team must find a understand network marketing talent, now the Shanghai dragon is not a simple Shanghai dragon, but a combination of marketing thinking to do, so people involved knowledge to be very rich, for example, to understand: love Shanghai, love Shanghai principle search ranking rules, common website construction, code optimization, commonly used drainage techniques, emotional marketing, micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing and so on. In fact, the construction team members do not need to have a high level of education, educated people of airs, bad management, no way to perform network marketing, this is HR years HR manager experience, we can find some of the low cost of staff, as long as you can do simple. The customer service personnel must understand the enterprise products for 2 people, work schedule is a normal administrative work time, there is a time and holiday time for customers to buy your products a lot after work at home purchase, you will lose the customer service website without sales opportunities. Customer service determines your website’s conversion rate, flow in, products and sales skills and sales operation if not understand your customer service, customer service staff that pit! Must be selected, the ability of key enterprise product sales is customer service transformation product sales. Such a team of Shanghai dragon will give you bring great wealth, put money into the team building is the best wisdom.

2. low cost marketing is not low cost price, we do not eager for short-term, we pay more attention to long-term customer appeal



Shanghai dragon is a marketing tool, he can give the enterprise website bring a lot of traffic, so as to get the sales opportunity, increase enterprise product sales, build a team of Shanghai dragon is the one thing the enterprise must do, if your company now has no access to the Internet marketing, the next 5 years. It will be eliminated in this industry! This is not alarmist, is to see the trend of the Internet, the Internet is the subversion of the traditional industry, his quick give users a price advantage to the enterprise, reduce operating costs, we said low cost marketing is not what money marketing how! Look at the low cost marketing