Shanghai dragon Er how to simulate the search engine for thinking

is so popular in Shanghai dragon, the search engine is the natural operation of Shanghai dragon ER made the corresponding rules, as for the rule, I don’t know. Do not know does not mean that we have no good way to operation, optimization, construction of external links is the priority among priorities, again and again. So, the search engine for external links to a web site is do N algorithm and judge the quality of it. I want to know now Shanghai dragon, the search engine is biased for intentionally operating website, not to mention the malicious operation website, more hated. We regardless of whether malicious intent, which Shanghai dragon ER is not the search engine ranking in intentional operation? Not what is accidentally put a website ranking to do good? I have never seen, so we want to deliberately to operate it, and this guy is very. We don’t love to operate it, how to do? People always like this, the surface of a real one. Of course, we do have the same behavior optimization, all seem normal, are in fact we have the purpose of the operation. We all know and cite a simple example, take articles within the chain to talk about an article describing the core A is XXX B, the article just appeared XXX the word, so we have to XXX in the B article do a link, link to the A article. This point is very friendly to the user experience, search engine to give the weight of natural links is relatively high. So, I think as long as we do not too much, the search engine or judgment is not out of the word is intentional or naturally occurring. Do not tell them that they think is natural, this situation seems to improve the user experience, actually we write in order to improve the A page XXX keywords ranking and the article (part of article is naturally occurring). This is what I mean, all follow the so-called search engine user experience to operate, hidden in the operation of the following is true to our goal.

besides the chain, we ensure the quality of the chain case we should pay attention to what? That is the nature of the chain! For example, a web site outside the chain of the most from the forum signature, search engine may have the idea, what site? How to link all external support forum? And is not related to the forum, a large number of industries, there is definitely a deliberate operation. I want to search engine algorithms to determine the most current source of the chain you in what place, or can be found >

nowadays, Shanghai dragon prevailed, no matter what the black hat white gray hat, wearing the hat or a variety of mixed, in recent years, the popularity of Shanghai dragon. Some people say, Shanghai dragon that is in the search engine and the battle of wits; some people say, Shanghai dragon is following search engine’s footsteps, is for the user experience. The search engine to Shanghai dragon attitude we think as their official said, support against the white hat, black hat. What we don’t know.

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