The actual analysis of the cattle industry guide Station whitening

not for a long time together and we analyze website ranking, though, since the update from Shanghai some small part of the collection algorithm love love Shanghai site ranked in the first results, these sites belong to pure luck, after all the love Shanghai algorithm are still evolving, so these sites will fall sooner or later, but the author of love some non lucky websites, analyze how they get good rankings, their analysis is how to seize the user, analyze how they constitute the sale, there are many aspects is not one by one example, let the author practice together with your analysis of a cow whitening industry Taobao shopping guide passenger station.




first used the Shanghai dragon query tools to look at the whole data of the site, from the overall data can be seen, the more prominent are: love, love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot weight reached 4, Google PR reached 1, a total of 149 home chain, such data if it is changed into love Shanghai in June did not update algorithm then this website, data can only be ranked 20, but now the "whitening products" this word, in the top ten of the overall site data are very low.

first love Shanghai together in the search box enter "whitening products" keywords, believe that most of the webmaster to get out of the results are the same with the above, we have to analyze the website that Taobao is painting red guest guide Station, see how it is from the related results up to "101000000", has become the industry’s most whitening talent shows itself cattle station guide.

on the chain, the author generally checked and found that most of them are from the Sina blog post, in addition there is love Shanghai library, basically belong to the type of text links, and articles in this blog are reproduced, just with the release of links in the title, others the basic chain is pure text links, few keywords anchor text links, the initial certainly outside the chain of quality is very good.




entered the site, from the general to human vision more comfortable, clear the site navigation column, the user experience is very good, so I believe the website of PV absolute value is very high, the website of the program is to automatically generate a page of Taobao passenger API program, for a long time, this kind of the site was blocked, but the love of Shanghai recently a lot of smoke, theoretically, it also belongs to the collection site, but because Taobao screen love Shanghai grab, so the website through Taobao seller edit sales copy to achieve the automatic acquisition site update mechanism, included the effect is very good.