Hebei Shanghai Longfeng xing’er submission is the most effective way to get traffic


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in the business circle game star, since that is very hard, whether it is in the station optimization or optimization in the station have made thoughtful. But Hebei Shanghai dragon xing’er forget a very important thing is to contribute, contribute is the most effective method to obtain the flow. The following facts to speak, there are only the truth:

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today published end sections, in the first row is A5, after three days in the first A5 now has no. But we can clearly see that the article was reproduced by some, should be more than two or three pages. Of course, these are not reproduced to get backlinks, some are being changed to the copyright for their submission elsewhere, or some Adsense removed the link sent to his web site, such as the practice of Xinger here is not to comment, fair mind, also believe we have experienced such a thing. But some rights reserved website to link quality is good, the most important is that many people will come to your website according to this link, so as to increase their own a lot of traffic. There are a lot of people only change their links to their own, but the star you word did not make any changes, so I believe someone will search through the xing’er came to my blog, also can bring flow.

submission is the most effective way to get traffic. If you want to get traffic so to contribute, of course, should pay attention to the quality of your article submission and publication skills, these aspects of the Hebei Shanghai dragon xing’er will slowly and share their views, please pay attention.

this screenshot is an article written in June 15th (Xinger xing’er: how to solve the website snapshot not update problem) and contributions to the A5 station network, this article through the audit and was recommended to the home page, the traffic jumped by nearly 9 times. First of all, the blog is a star in the business circle is built, all without optimization of other words, mainly is to optimize the main keywords no optimization long tail words, so the traffic is basically in the tournament friends click. This article not only to Hebei Shanghai dragon xing’er brought traffic, also brought back links. Please see below: