Download site of Shanghai dragon optimization skills

in software description, consistency must focus on the content and function of the software, for example, now some love to use some download station to crack this keyword, and users to download the software, find or trial version, not cracked version, which not only affect the user download experience, also can let Shanghai feel love this website has infringement must, at the same time the correlation is not qualified, thereby affecting the weight of the website.

here to remind a little, that is to download website >

is one of the important sites in the Internet world, that is to provide a variety of software download sites, these sites can help users solve many software applications, but with the protection of intellectual property rights awareness is growing, many websites also download to begin to change their business strategy, so as to better make yourself to achieve healthy and sustainable development. The download website mainly provides the software to download the application, if you do not pay attention to Shanghai dragon optimization, it is easy to bring bad user experience, here is a concrete analysis of the following websites to download the Shanghai dragon optimization.

second, in the description of the software to be as detailed as possible. Now some download sites can provide a lot of software supply users to download, but the software description is often not detailed enough, it will not only affect the user’s desire to download, while not conducive to the search engine for web content capture. Also here to remind a bit, for the description of software should be used in the form of text, can not use the Taobao store using the image format. Although the picture format does not affect the user’s reading, but easy to search engine that this page is rubbish ", because do not see the text in detail, only a lot of advertising, in this way, will inevitably reduce the weight of download site.

first, enhance the speed of software download. This is the key to the website to attract users, many users actually now broadband speed has been very fast, they are downloading the software, if the speed is too slow, often from the download web server leads to smaller bandwidth. But the bandwidth of the site is small, the user opens the site’s speed will be slow, users tend not to wait until the site open all have to opt out of the website, causing the site out rate rise. But once your bounce rate rise, will inevitably lead to website to better attract the search engine, which led to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect becomes worse.

third, to avoid unnecessary use of pop and advertising. Now a lot of download sites except by providing the corresponding software download link to download to the user, and receive certain software provider advertising costs, will receive some advertising expenses. It offers a variety of advertising page download station in different degrees, and even advertising page format is greater than the software format, which will not only make users disgusted, but also easy to let the search engine think it belongs to the "garbage", it is difficult to give a higher ranking.