Don’t complain about WeChat search which in itself is not a hot demand

Chinese Internet search, do not have enough features and technology to ensure there is no way out. So, immediately even Ali cloud this kind of vertical search have crashed already explained the problem. But when WeChat search appears, everyone applauded, not because of how WeChat excellent quality of service, but because WeChat search is China grafting newbest Internet products – WeChat, which rely on the source of content is public account such a tall thing, everyone is full of expectations and seemingly a reasonable place to.

but it is often not in accordance with the development of all expectations, especially the search product, WeChat search implementation has been all slowly forgotten, with the Shanghai love or love Shanghai, the 360 or 360, who will not be idle to find something you want Sogou WeChat search category by. And this is obviously the biggest embarrassment faced WeChat search.

In fact,

the second development environment based on WeChat search is not appropriate, the exchange of information throughout the WeChat circle, we really used to channel information reading is not to say, now we did not develop.

but as long as careful analysis of WeChat search can not do it, you will find that everything is simple, WeChat search is not a rigid demand, it is based on speculation the hot set up on the foundation, its shortcomings and at first it receives the attention as obvious. The first WeChat search based on the content source number generated by the public, it is the value of the entire large public sharing environment, after all, since the media in introducing the content than network hard, so the quality is a magic weapon for WeChat search early products. But it is a guess, when you really pay attention to WeChat search, the latter couldn’t fulfill everyone’s expectations. The number of public resources are very rich, but cannot maintain their unique sex, which means that in addition to WeChat’s internal environment to share, will fall in love with the sea, that is to say when the readers see a good article to open on the computer in a public number, love as the sea can meet his demand, without the use of the so-called WeChat search. So WeChat search has been advocating high quality will become empty talk.

products operation until now, I want to WeChat search team and the market should also reflect on what makes WeChat search into this scene, on the dilemma, has become a search, according to common sense that the use of WeChat such a large platform should do something, but in fact they are gradually being uncharacteristically, WeChat search the market.

the success of WeChat actually does not need too many languages, from product range to its marketing value and you will know a sought after. WeChat itself is quite awesome, each launch of a new function will bring enough impact to other products. But WeChat search in an embarrassing state although not neither fish nor fowl, but forgotten by market in terms of the current level of use is also on the verge of eliminated.