The new algorithm challenges Shanghai dragon skills

The new Figure 1

algorithm under the Shanghai dragon is really terrible? Really do? Is the previous Shanghai Longfeng optimization method are all fault? Don’t love Shanghai search engine optimization official document 2 the proposed method is invalid? Too many questions based on the Shanghai dragon, I can’t find the exact the answer, can only choose to practice silently, because I think only the practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, so in love, Shanghai new algorithm adjusted I did a lot of experiments, one of the experiments is to test a new station, to test the KTD (i.e. keyword, title and description) the effectiveness of several writing. Let me share my experimental results today and we hope that in the new algorithm, for reference only love Shanghai, we try to find the rules in parallel with the search engine.

recently made a new station, the program is ECSHOP, mainly to do trading site, business class is a slingshot, the website home page title is written in accordance with the optimization way love Shanghai search engine optimization guide document on the 2. The underlined "brand keywords _ service description". (love Shanghai official documents on the original sentence is "home: site name or the name of the site.

We all know that

site after 4 months and 22 days, love Shanghai weight 0, without any keyword ranking as shown in figure 2.

, a web page title written by separator


Before June Shanghai

Then in

Figure 2

love search engine algorithm we called the old algorithm, and from June to August and November of the algorithm, our algorithm called the new algorithm. The new algorithm is very unstable, constantly update, many webmaster complaining, not by K is right to be reduced. Shanghai Longfeng circle has many Shanghai dragon shoes face love Shanghai new algorithm, only at a loss at a loss what to do. Which part of Shanghai Phoenix veterans also can not afford to toss, had to switch to. Even the Shanghai dragon had crazy wolf rain himself said to do Taobao.

on the web page title is very flexible, it is three kinds of symbols used frequently, short line "-", a "|" and "_ underline". Love Shanghai search engine optimization 2 manual recommended is underlined. We now see that short horizontal and vertical lines separating the. We chose the beauty industry, the establishment of the time in August, the site take phpcms V9 production, simple structure, static URL, crumb structure, total of all the articles are original, few outside the chain. The title of the page is written: "keyword 1| keywords 2| keywords 3- service description" that uses vertical and short horizontal line alternate way. As shown in figure 1.