What about the site without the user experience to guide Shanghai dragon in the right direction

is a famous "01" principle, is a string by "0" and "1" number, the size of the decision is not the "0" position, and it is a "1" position, the principle is very simple, everyone knows. Here the author believes that in the Shanghai dragon world, Shanghai dragon Er, also is the site owner or the promotion of the site is the "1", and thousands of visitors, we have defined as user groups, they are "0", now everyone should understand, why is er optimization function of Shanghai dragon important, you have to guide is behind you the "0", "number 0", "1" that the greater the value of the. Therefore, a correct direction of Shanghai dragon Er is the core of Shanghai dragon, have as many users is very important.

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in Shanghai Longfeng development up to now, has been relatively mature, all kinds of Shanghai Longfeng methods and solutions have been overwhelming in the Internet, a variety of Shanghai dragon tutorial is everywhere, the predecessors of the word, that content is king, the chain for the emperor. Eight words not knowing this simple for beginners, Shanghai dragon er who is a fatal mistake.


here, to the end of the article, Shanghai dragon is a gradual process, and this process, first of all we have to do is to increase their user base, let more people see your website, knowing that your website, talk about experience. This process is not independent, but mutually embedded, and interactive operation, like a snowball, more and more.


Losers are always in the wrong., survival of the fittest, this is the nature of truth will never change. In Shanghai dragon world, is like this, a web site to the success of the appearance is the site brings the effect, brings profit, whether it is soft effect or a direct effect, no profit site is a failure of the website, the majority of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix er who also directed go to the target. Here I want to say is a taste to do outside the chain to do the webmaster, is not the final solution, an optimization is very good, the chain do many of the site will also be search engine of change and abandon. In one case, Shanghai dragon why ranking drop, this is one of the best examples, if it is artificial, that is not to say, if it is not artificial, but the search engine algorithm for this change, the website is how to combat it, Public opinions are divergent. And now Shanghai dragon why traffic is what? Is the thousands on thousands of "0", the user is the accumulation of Shanghai dragon why always, always make my own "1" in the boot state, I believe that this ranking will not impact beyondredemption of Shanghai dragon why.

Losers are always in the wrong. survival of the fittest