The website included drop means what

4, artificially generated unnatural clicks, for example: to improve website PR value through the method of brush flow.

in answer to this question, we must first make clear the principle love Shanghai included: we generally use the site command to check the site collected, and included in the library just love Shanghai in a certain period of time on all pages of a copy of the keywords ranking. It is not a timely data. In other words, we site out of the data is not currently included in our website.

5, by Links implicated. If the Links site is down right, our website is subject to the influence of. If the weight is high, the influence is greater.

6, the reverse link volume dropped considerably. This is usually caused by reasons, because our forum account was banned by. So I >

1, the stability of

server, server stability can be said is the first user experience.


then how do we know what is false or true included included drop down? We can judge from two aspects:

2, if the use of black hat techniques, such as: the total acquisition, the chain group, buy links and other techniques.

3, by some means the real content hidden to the user, allowing users to see the contents of the call is JS, and let the search engine grab is the real content.

know these, let us analyze the website the reasons for the decline, it may have two kinds of cases: one is false included drop, because love Shanghai database is not synchronized, so that we see the result is not real data. The other is a real included down.

(2) site traffic is declining? Of course this is to meet the usual drop in traffic flow fluctuation. If not, then you are part of the keywords ranking was expelled, the site has been down the right love Shanghai. This is true included down.

For the

that included drop what should we do? The fake included drop, we only need to wait for the love of Shanghai next update on the line. The key is to real included drop, I think you have to find the reasons from the following aspects:

(1) whether the keywords ranking stable? If the keywords ranking is very stable, so we can determine is false included down.

as a Shanghai dragon staff, view the site collected every day and do the homework, collected up, work even harder and included down, a bit depressed, especially included serious decline, will immediately to the A5 forum asking everyone you included is also decreased. The reason why so nervous, because we believe that signs included drop right down is the site. But it said the site included drop down the right