The new concept of Shanghai dragon the E Feibi E good user experience is the best explanation

The concept of

is now the Shanghai dragon

The traditional Shanghai dragon

  why? We look at:

so, now the Shanghai dragon is no longer a optimization work, but to experience a construction work, which is Experience. >

said Shanghai dragon, a lot of people know, Shanghai dragon well is the search engine optimization, English is Search Engine Optimization, is using search engine rules to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way. But in the era of change, the Internet is changing, and is in high speed, Google master "machine intelligence", 360 launched the "I love Shanghai" search ", to create intimate search, search engines increasingly fierce competition. Shanghai Longfeng wood that the name of the Shanghai dragon changed their bold, defined as: Shanghai dragon, but the E is not E, this is E Experience, which is to experience hands-on experience. This experience is not only the search engine experience, is the user experience. So the full name is Search Experience Optimization, the search experience optimization.

The most popular

along with the changing love Shanghai algorithm, 6.12 earthquake, launched pomegranate algorithm, the original algorithm Scindapsus, spark line, search engines began to fight against the trade links, news sources, such as garbage collecting station, a lot of black hat Shanghai dragon technique directly blocked, search engine more and more attention to the real site content and user experience. The traditional site ranking factors are increasingly weakened, and the effect of the user experience, user voting are increased, allowing users to better participate in the love of Shanghai for page ranking will be more in line with the needs of users of content displayed, make search results can meet most of the needs of the user is now the purpose of search engine.

traditional Shanghai dragon in the circle of words: content is king, the link for the emperor! Want to do rankings do outside the chain, just collect some text and links everywhere, all kinds of spam links, signature, comment and so on, no matter what users think, anyway, look to the search engines. But the content is also starting from the search engine, copying others article, out and stack keywords, site is just to have too horrible to look at, it is not, then ranking, link, group, group chain, chain group, hang black chain, afraid not to search engine ranking. On the contrary, some really small in earnest for customer service, improve the content of value but not to the search engine’s approval, this time station group piles, trading links become fashionable, keyword stuffing a technique, it can be said that the entire Internet environment Ukraine smoke miasma, "garbage, high quality content less moral bottom line is more and more low, and the collection site occupied the living space of high quality website.