Travel agency website optimization 10 function will do

site title is one of the most important factors influencing the site effect, because the love of Shanghai Google robot spider crawling the page first grab is your title (title), followed by the keyword and description. A travel agency website as an example, this is the title: Beihai Kang Hui Travel Agency (www.bhyn贵族宝贝), we love Shanghai in search of travel agency in Beihai, because his title contains the Beihai travel agency, you want to search keywords and anastomosis, so under the same conditions will be given to capture, in comparing the front row position. In the love of Shanghai natural home page ranked third, Google second.

tourism website optimization is a big issue, there are dozens of standards, the old Han would pick the ten most important and share with you:

site navigation and navigation must abandon frame or iframe frame structure, to create a tree structure. Must let the search engine can be identified.

) tourism website

Site Title General can set keywords around 5, according to the importance of front to back order, the name of the travel agency in the end, because the travel agency is basically the only name. The one and only, competition is relatively small.

talk about the concept of the title of the website, the website is the website name title, usually displayed on the top of the browser, can view the source file, see the meta label title. To the station as an example to introduce:

can also be seen from the source file: view source file –

, 2 pages to have independent keywords and description (keywords and discription). Keywords and description does not appear in the page, not to the customer, is dedicated to the search engines do see, convenient search engine can be in the title, keywords and description you probably know your page content. Check the keywords and description can click on the browser toolbar, view the source file, you can see the keywords and description. For example: Guilin Overseas International Travel Agency website (www.glhw贵族宝贝) keywords and Description:

is not only home to the title, the other two level and three level page also can be set independently of the title, the more long tail keywords on level two, three pages. (report: site title used in the travel agency website in


1, set good website title.


the title is: the tourism website optimization Website optimization process optimization with

4, be sure to add ALT notes, namely that of the picture settings. You put the mouse on the picture will show the hand and related text. To know the search engine to see is the code >