How to treat with low weight of the sea


. In order to save time and effort, the individual webmaster website optimization by means of cheating, look forward to opportunistic victory, murder, feel alarmed day has loved Shanghai days right down to the end.

1. optimization methods

is a light is not enough, we are full of gold! How to make their own value? It depends on the content of your website, we call for users to create value is the value of your content or your frame can retain customers, can let customers take the initiative to visit your website in the next crucial a, >

A rating of The weight of

5, Links. Links is an invisible double-edged sword, it is invisible because if you don’t monitor it, one day he will bring serious consequences to you with words: as also the friends of the chain, the chain also lost.

, let our own light shine"As long as

love Shanghai realistic keyword search engine for weight is made, the higher the technology can reflect the value of the site. But for the majority of the webmaster, love Shanghai weight is not so simple, so easy, we first analyze the reasons, to take to reduce the weight of an antidote against the disease may be able to help you out, to reduce the weight of the mire.

2, make yourself more valuable

4, page revision. In normal circumstances, modify the site title or frame code, right down is light punishment, this also remind the webmaster in website we must do before the code page is optimized.

3, Shanghai dragon. Website optimization excessive or website collect other content, is the 100% factor of website right down, these sites do not value, not to mention the weight.


here I do not want to say, some high quality chain, the high quality of the chain like, I think you want to do a website, to the depth of analysis itself, like when I love Shanghai leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 site optimization, reduce the weight, eventually found their own reasons so the author from the following to tell:

love Shanghai reduced generally have five aspects:

disease, an antidote against the disease: how to improve the weight of

is light, the lyrics will be bright." I was impressed, how many years, how many hero figures are buried, the lyrics can also apply, should really think twice. But the concept of entertainment, all the hype news eventually achieved one million millionaires, it illustrates the importance of the promotion of their own. You will not promote their own marketing, is a very deep knowledge, far higher than those of high quality outside the chain of high original text.

2 server space. Like trees, did not choose the good soil, it is difficult to survive. Select the server space to see from a long-term perspective.