Learn what Shanghai Longfeng need is what kind of books

actually I have seen Shanghai dragon books, but not what famous books. But for one of the internal learning journal of Shanghai Longfeng research center of learning VIP. That is with the Shanghai dragon YY speech online learning. The main purpose is to do this. But also promote a lot of learning. But I found this one did not let me grasp the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon. Some are not perfect. Until this year I intend to further to Shanghai Longfeng research center when it was discovered that. He was learning there are still some problems. Although you can learn on the YY, you can control the books to see. But the day can operate online and go to the teacher. But I found some concept or do not understand. Some knowledge cannot go to open up their own thinking. Although the teacher is a good example. But their website is more difficult to use. There are still a lot of such a tangle. But it can learn something.

how to do the Shanghai dragon books:

so I think of their original learning time can’t help. One point one questions on the lack of spirit. Carry out a speech learning and combined to see Shanghai dragon books habits. It is not good to do the optimization, including a lot of knowledge and I came to the Shanghai dragon Research Center asked the other teachers to grow up. So if you want to grow up. You can book the lack of communication lack of staff knowledge.

so today I want to tell you is that, if you want to learn Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon Book How to do. How to choose the better to learn the knowledge of Shanghai dragon.

last month I was yy6359VIp in the classroom learning time. One of my classmates and my QQ. Then he is zero based. Many of the concepts are not understand. For only one month, won the new Shanghai Dragon technology books, he is looking at the books, and then in the evening to YY to learn the form. Every day he will find himself in the evening, according to the time of learning and when reading a book. He will go to ask questions. This is how matter in the end. The operation when I went to change how to operate. He saw a point of knowledge in books. For example, how to analyze the keywords competition degree. He soon Q I don’t understand. Then I will give him the answer. He was able to understand, then went to see, to use the operation. So he will add a deep impression. Let his website do better. Shanghai dragon do a better job.

in the study of Shanghai dragon, I found a problem. We are in the actual learning will inevitably encounter some problems difficult. But we do not know how to deal with. Sometimes they choose to go to some QQ group ah, love Shanghai know quiz. Later in the industry appeared in the actual Zac Shanghai dragon, as well as foreign a series of Shanghai dragon books. At the same time also helped a lot of people. But the changing of the Internet, a series of Shanghai Longfeng operation changed how to cater to the change…… To further study the.