Keywords local optimization is very simple to conquer

Four, observe stagesKeywords


related contentWhen I learn

remember when once for a green hand in Shanghai Longfeng homework "Zhongshan website promotion" this word for a period of time, then use the Shanghai Dragon technology just learning the keywords on the first page of love Shanghai, although when it is in the sixth place, but I was really very excited for this work. The word has no place that do what is past, there are a number of local real estate, talent network, website and so on case. Last year the website keywords modified to become the "network promotion"! A optimization story began, there are a lot of novice and I QQ asked me "why I blog title, keywords, description did not write Zhongshan network promotion, Zhongshan website promotion of these two words, and links only 3 links Zhongshan website the promotion, but the two has very good keywords ranking". In fact, it is very simple, put this method to share out.


actually I do Links are divided into two categories, one is the link of brand site, one is the friendship link. In general and brand websites or blogs to exchange links I will change my name to improve their visibility. Friendship link contains the weight and weight for the ordinary, I set up a Zhongshan website promotion, friendship is network promotion. For Links I think this is not too deliberate, if the effect is not too deliberate, so I used the network promotion, network promotion blog, this is not absolutely I just to express their views.


just for Xiao Jun’s blog about Shanghai dragon ranking, have long been concerned about his blog friends should know. Do some of Changsha optimization words in the earlier Xiao Jun, still have the home page on Google and other search engines currently ranking.

actually want to conquer some places the word >

two, the chain of different


often take my own blog to do the analysis, so a lot of time talking about the topic of "Zhongshan website promotion". I think this does not require detailed analysis we understand, as we optimize the site is consistent with the published website theme content, so that the weight of the website will be more and more high.

, a Links technique

changes in before I have been doing is the chain link "Zhongshan website promotion", change the blog keywords after the start of the "network promotion" but my ranking has been not deliberately optimized. If you want to conquer a word you can use 3~6 months time to send the chain, so the change of the past keyword keyword ranking effect is not too big.