Love Shanghai for sale in the end what is the attitude of the link

I think this love Shanghai official high-profile is every webmaster user by hands welcome. But in the love of Shanghai announced against link trading at the same time, small by love Shanghai search engine, enter the "sale link", appears regrettable is all love Shanghai for promotion under such a scene:

1, damaged the most normal station sites of interest


2, the sale of soft news website link


2, the impact of the search market users search experience

Here we use

1, the sale of Links


to link the sale of official love Shanghai. To see the necessity of love Shanghai fight link Trading:

"on the website in Shanghai attempted to manipulate search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks. This way, we recently found that there are still a large number of sites in the continued use of. Among them, with the help of the link trading platform purchase and sale link behavior showed a growing trend. The influence of the quality of the search results hurt the user experience; second, a lot of hurt not to buy hard link station interests, here, we failed to high-quality content will be part of the site to provide hard show to the user, apologize; third, vicious spiral, hard site less and less, more and more speculators, leading to Internet Ecosystem tends to deteriorate gradually. Research through various channels, above is the result of Internet users, webmasters and do not want to see the love of Shanghai."

love Shanghai begins to hit a link trading announced on November 5th, Shanghai announced that the "love Webmaster Platform linked to the sale behavior reminder, selling links will also hit". This behavior can be said of the search industry is a good move. But very confused is the same love Shanghai for promotion is still as in the past links to sites for business promotion, this can let the webmaster confused love Shanghai for links to the sale of attitude in the end what is

3, the sale of advertising links and love Shanghai search advertising interests like conflict.

can say more than two links to the sale can make a website data easily soared, but precisely because of this abnormal flood surged to a great extent 3 damage:

so let’s take a look at what is now link sale? And the type of search market trading links are those? Each familiar search market optimization webmaster all know, external links to a web site can be said to some extent effect is far greater than the content of the site itself construction. Because whether it is Google or love Shanghai in his algorithm third party links can support a website authoritative and professional, trade links is generated in this case. Then look at current search market trading links have the following 2 types:

do The effect of