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you know, blog contains the message board, many extension workers love for well-known Bo blog high weight sovereignty, with links to your site, so a large number of links, without nofollow, will greatly loss spider, fortunately mature blog CMS will automatically add a nofollow, but there are still a lot of the old version is not updated, this place is worth your attention.

is not valid for the early site of Shanghai Longfeng ranking page, can nofollow nofollow off, because the spider grab this type of page will be reduced, grab the other page after all new crawl frequency is very limited.


!Following a brief introduction to the Nofollow

blog external links


for a new site, the weight is ZhengZhan is less and less, the spider crawl frequency is more poor, so the station in the station to guide the spider crawling, is particularly important, so the nofollow label, gives us a better channel, we can use this tag to guide good spider crawling, in order to improve the quality of website content capture frequency

so, the new site, where we can use the nofollow

label?Login and registration

manifestation: the love of Shanghai


for an industry website, login and registration page, even password this page is essential, many new sites to these places are not joined the nofollow, and this part is located in the head, the spider into the page to grab the nearest place, many new sites will see the content page out of the few, but included a lot of this the page.

, the head of the 1

tag is to tell the meaning of search engine, this link is not so important, does not need to crawl. Search engines see this label to minimize crawling and crawling, stop transmission weight.

Nofollow is the first by a leading new baby label nobility, is designed to minimize the impact of spam links on search engines.

, 2 of the advertising business, about us, contact


means: no spider love Shanghai this link, forbidden to transfer the weight of

label, many of the old owners often in the establishment of new sites, will be on the front page nofollow off the label, and retained in the other page, what is the reason of it, reasonable control home > spider

for businesses, these pages, basically is the drainage after coming in, tends to transactions, will see the page, the page can improve the conversion is the content page.

4, TAG aggregation page wonderful

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