Tao Aimin from the website to find internal love Shanghai right down seven reasons

1, legitimacy: too much illegal information is included to check your site, whether it is illegal words on the site by the search engine’s interception, in general is to ensure the legitimacy of the content on the website

7: the layout of the site layout can reflect a site is beautiful and generous, but the layout problem is done in the early, too many changes will cause the search engine dissatisfaction leads to right down, so the beginning of the establishment of the website must think about how to layout

love Shanghai right down to seriously affect the development of the website, the webmaster cause problems is self-evident, a website by the failure to put more or less experience love Shanghai down the right time! If one day that you met, so please don’t panic! Shanghai, attention is to identify the cause of the problem and solve the problem. Let me give you some of the common causes of right down as a reference:


6, repeatability: Web site keywords ranking is the key to Shanghai dragon, but you also know about keyword density should be to what extent? Many webmaster blind stack keywords, it is harmful for the site! So please keep the keyword density is the best choice between 0.01 to 0.06

5, the stability: influence the stability of the web server to a web site is great. Just think, if your site can not open the regular, will cause the search engine to the site of the Shanghai dragon bored! That damage is very serious! In the choice of space must be carefully


may cause the key reason to love Shanghai right down, as a webmaster do you have for clearly? Hope every webmaster from love Shanghai drop right nightmare! Above by the Leshan Shanghai dragon, Tao Aimin node share, Leshan Shanghai dragon forum 贵族宝贝cdutetc贵族宝贝

2, Original: the original is the priority among priorities is search engine attention! If your website content many collected from the Internet, then the search engine will not fall right free! So, as far as possible to write some original articles to win the favor of

first mention from the internal site:

!More than seven kinds of search engine! !

4, security: network security has been more and more attention by people, so as a webmaster, if you pay close attention to the safety of the site, your site is hung up the Trojan horse, and whether the black chain chain, this is the need to pay attention to.

3 Law: every webmaster all know site need to update every day, but because of its Adsense, website update time is not fixed. This is also one of the reasons for search engine drop right, so webmaster every day to update the site apart not too large, as much as possible the same time to update

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