The bottom line Shanghai dragon Er optimization which list not connected

two: the website quality do not answer

: a high amount of promotion list do not receive

in recent years as the Internet competition heats up, website construction and optimization is a IT some people make a living. To an individual or team with monoculture optimization, to a company to undertake the website construction and optimization ranking. For enterprises, from the beginning of the construction site, to employ Shanghai dragon Er optimization ranking website, which one is not in so as to exhaust all the skills for market opportunities, under the ridge side market? A lot of ways to make money online, is also very wide, therefore appeared to optimize this station, optimize the industry. As a Shanghai dragon Er is looking forward to the list to find the door, to seek a fortune. But the list is important, but not just connected, even if some of the list to pay 200% of the effort will not achieve the desired effect. Some of the list there is a potential danger for many, such as a list, Shanghai dragon Er have you been here? Do the analysis, to remind the industry ‘s new entry:

three: "copycat" website list do not receive

if you don’t have a stunning technology, which is not the real Shanghai dragon Er cattle people, there are more than 3 for the home page keyword promotion list still need careful consideration, or not to accept the. Why? For promotion Keywords, have its high profit, if no profit, who wants to spend money to do the bidding auction page display? More advertising, is more business more profits. But for the commercial profit keyword, which is easy to achieve home? Competitive pressure is above suspicion doubt, and for the Shanghai dragon, but there are many uncertain factors. Therefore, we emphasize that the existence of more than 3 keyword optimization promotion in the search engines, or do not take the good, after all the monoculture service is not a simple optimization.

as a Shanghai dragon Er, this is to improve the overall quality of the site through optimization, to make it more beneficial to the search engine index rule. However, some stations are doomed to re optimization can not reach such a standard, such as: collecting stations, factories and other links. For this list, then later will not be the search engine K out is a problem, and how to optimize it? What is the quality can get the list? At least keep itself there are some original content, or false original is the most basic bottom line. If every day by the locomotive, CMS acquisition rules and live, optimizing the garbage station, the final optimization is only lost brand, bad reputation. Therefore, the quality of the website list or not connected well.

said some of the good is "copycat", that’s not nice some of these sites is the existence of "liar". For this, the search engine has been severely hit, as the company’s brand escort. This time, if you have to pick up some of this list, where is not where to go? "Finally