Share the experience of Shanghai Longfeng will lead the church master apprentice starved to death

many people will simply think the successful experience of others as long as you can simply copy the successful, the fact is really such? In fact, copy the experience of others before we need to consider the self, we also meet the congenital conditions? Such as our basic knowledge, basic skills and contacts and money, whether to meet the. With a correct experience, different people can deduce different results. Experience is thought to impart knowledge of the teacher, while the teacher imparting knowledge is the same, but different students can get different results that get different results, the main reason is from their own. Because everyone’s idea is different, look at a same angle is different, so we share the experience in Shanghai Dragon don’t worry about the church master apprentice starve.

: first, their own experience is difficult to be copied

for many reasons, first, Shanghai dragon in this industry knowledge is limited, can often write less content; second is no respect for the domestic copyright, the article summed up their hard, share out after being removed is not reproduced by copyright, copyright information is maliciously modified; and some novice share their point of view, it is easy to provoke some of the so-called "master" irony, even to the author’s verbal attacks, etc. comprehensive factors have led to enthusiasm to share the experience of Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon Er ?

: the second watch, the actual operation is less and less

in Shanghai dragon in the industry we can find one’s own or other peer problems, that is to see a lot of the Shanghai dragon, but practical is scanty. I think a lot of peers every day with the author will do is to visit a few of the many Shanghai dragon the Webmaster Platform. The owners of the home, such as Chinaz A5 Adsense nets, the laggards, stand in a row. The platform every day there will be a lot of fresh articles, but many people are confined to the fancy, little practical, let alone some people can adhere to the daily operation. "

anyone love free stuff, experience is no exception. The Shanghai dragon in this industry is even more so. For the Shanghai dragon in the industry is also a learner, I also love to share their experience in Shanghai Longfeng on some platforms, once in a QQ group, a friend asked the author to share the experience of Shanghai dragon will not lead to the church master apprentice starve. The author thinks otherwise, of course, for many reasons, the author will share three reasons.

as we know that we need to search engine algorithms continue to learn new knowledge, but if you observe carefully, you will find that we often concern the webmaster website or forum have been stale, many articles have a commonplace talk of an old scholar trend, why