Several aspects directly determine the weights of the website

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4, the high quality of the external links

user experience will be the future of an important reference standard website weight, a website design quality, website open speed, website color collocation gives people pleasure, as well as the site layout so that customers can immediately distinguish between primary and secondary, and immediately be able to find the information you want, will let love Shanghai to give a higher weight.

some people may not agree with this view, because there are many websites are using some collection content, but the site’s ranking is very good. Why did this happen? Careful Adsense may find those first site itself weight is still relatively high, high weight on behalf of love Shanghai for their confidence is higher, even if he used to collect information, love Shanghai will temporarily think he is original. But soon after Shanghai love to update the database after the collection site will slowly get rid of. Recoge, we have to do is to get some original articles, although this is very boring hard, but in the long run, it’s good for us.

as long as your site content is original, then you "love Shanghai included the more the weight of your site will be higher. So we see you in the weight of the website, included the number is also an important reference standard, a high weight site contains a certain amount is very high, at the same time, it must be a very new website snapshot, you can also find that it included post love Shanghai is also very fast.

optimization webmaster hard everyday, the purpose is to let his site to get high weight, but not everyone can get high weight, so we must carefully study the sites that do good, look at their website optimized what attractions, how should we improve, and can they like to do better, because for our webmaster, his website in Shanghai ranking is our ultimate goal. What kind of factors determine the weight of the website? According to the experience, summed up a few, for reference:


1, high quality original content

this is my summary of some of the weights of the website directly determines several aspects, of course there are some other methods, if you have a better way, also hope the exhibitions. The above content by the Shanghai website (ht>

2, high friendly user experience

3, the website included the number of

for lifting the weight of the website, the number of the chain is much larger than the quality of the chain, if the quality of a web site outside of the chain if too low, will be in love with the sea is garbage outside the chain to drop right processing, so the owners do not covet the first number, and must the quality of the chain do go up, the quality of the number of corruption, so the weight of the website will be more and more high.