The search engine rules decryption why the site was discarded

ranking fluctuations, sometimes before and sometimes turn to turn to, which means what? May be a precursor to site blocked. So, why is love Shanghai discarded? This paper do the following discussion: love Shanghai included decryption rules.

1, the title has nothing to do with the text keyword

2, using the automatic jump page

on the same page don’t have too many links, the important things out in the site map, rather than some of no great importance all the all in all the minor details. Too many links, probably is the result of not being properly included.

, 5 pages with the page links not too much

page to do too many search engine optimization and affect the normal user experience brings negative effect, then the site is likely to be discarded love Shanghai. What is excessive optimization, such as semantic writing close completely search engine, users are hard to read on. This is typical for search engine optimization and optimization. How to cause over optimization in the optimization and not? Put yourself as an Internet users, from the user perspective, what kind of page will not cause you dislike, but being willing to accept the. But different people may have different views, such as "I think is not the existence of advertising, do Adsense ads should be deleted? To the overall situation, analysis of the public can optimize the approval.


is mainly for cheating on some of the malicious jump, that page is not content to open the page to see, but one step closer to the automatic steering behavior of other page users click on the page.


this is not too much to repeat, looking for some of the things the spider will mind possesses more fresh love.

and some of the rubbish site in exchange Links, finally is the result of your own site also adversely affected. There is a saying in the comparison "the wolf howl" is the truth, will Birds of a feather flock together. >

is a common problem that search engine title and website content echoed in the title relates to the keywords, and the content is not the existence of such relevant keywords, then may be search engine that is cheating. Reaction to the more strict rules and regulations, it is worth pondering the search engine through what means to determine the correlation between the content and the title of the title? Don’t appear in the key words, the content must appear? As an example: "father, father, father" may be similar to part of speech all are classified as similar index, so judge the correlation. So, although the echo emphasizes the content and the title, but also not the derivative are very flexible leeway.

4, has been repeated thousands of times the content of

3, affecting the user experience optimization over

6, Links exchange amount no matter