To Shanghai Dragon Baidu remnants of milk is enough Hard suction

4, since the rise of the media

1, the changing pattern of search engine. Especially the 360 search, love Shanghai immediately felt the pressure, often to their user experience to adjust, especially in the content of the quality check more strictly;

. Internet plus mobile media is a subversion of the traditional search engine. A lot of high-quality original content are not even in the end settled on the PC client platform through WeChat, pushed to the user, not through the search engine. Since the media can provide high-quality original, this search engine is very love, but the people still rely more on Shanghai dragon pseudo original.

but need to give newcomers a reminder here, Shanghai dragon had, now the weights in the network marketing has declined. Especially from June 2012 onwards, Shanghai love frequent adjustment algorithm, then people feel Shanghai dragon times change. Some signs of Shanghai dragon industry to change the node, such as the famous Shanghai dragon website Shanghai dragon why changes home titled "from Shanghai dragon to Internet marketing, search and grow with you, such as webmaster nets Chinaz cancel link sale, such as some hardcore Shanghai dragon forum closed and so on.

in simple terms, it is also an industry, no matter how you look at it carefully, + to can do some tricks, the opinions of others for reference only.

3, the mobile era. This is on the PC side of the revolution, the traditional search has been adapted to the PC side, Shanghai Longfeng people rely more on the PC side, the rapid popularization of intelligent mobile phone to the traditional Shanghai dragon made a person be taken by surprise.

in this context, many senior people called Shanghai Longfeng transformation, to change with the times, follow the trend will not die. So in the Shanghai dragon circles appeared many new words like very much, such as "user experience optimization", "marketing", "

all the signs are that Shanghai dragon to transition.

The rise of social networks,

to Shanghai dragon transformation, for many reasons, one of the more direct are the following:

How is the

summarized above, we have nothing to say, only HanHen exclamation of "times have changed! Well mixed!".

Shanghai Longfeng classic marketing means! So far, there are a lot of people come here (the name of Shanghai dragon is cool), joined the Shanghai Phoenix this business. As a member of the Shanghai dragon army, I will be very excited to say: welcome to the fun and awful coexistence, symbiosis, elegance and passion and impotence, and boring peer Niubi idiot dance industry.

2. The beginning of threat to the search engine micro-blog, especially social search will give the traditional search engine caused by diversion. The WeChat is to search engine and then poured a pot of cold water, especially after the introduction of public accounts;