The Links keyword density problem

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Xiao Jun’s blog: Friendship (Figure 1) in Lishui, Gaochun, Gaochun weather, Gaochun hotline, Gaochun ceramics, Gaochun crab, crab, Lishui education information network, high

Xiao Jun’s Shanghai dragon blog itself is very high, the keyword density is not very big, so the ranking will be so good. We can conclude that the high weight of dot, whole page keyword density is not very large, Links keyword accumulation is not trigger down right >


(Figure two)

from the figure, Links have strong correlation between the site, resulting in Links column contains a large number of keywords. "The clever use of Links improve keyword rankings with commentary", Links keyword can improve the site keywords ranking. I think we should also be able to understand the meaning of this sentence, since Links keyword can improve the site keywords ranking, that is to say Links keywords is calculated in the keyword page inside. Xiao Jun Shanghai Longfeng blogs do the keywords are in Guangzhou Shanghai dragon to do, because it contains Links like "Changsha" in Shanghai Longfeng keywords, so these regions of the ranking is also very good, Links in related keywords multiple Changsha Shanghai dragon.

Hello, I am Hunan push kiness. In Shanghai dragon industry knows, the website keyword, keyword density accumulation is a very old, very bad black Mao cheating. Now the search engine can be identified easily. The cheating to optimize the website of escape the fate of K, but once K, it is difficult to make up. In general, keyword density control to 8% is more reasonable in 2%.

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small a few days ago wrote an article "the clever use of Links improve keyword rankings" article, you can search the web under the title will be able to find the original. This article is based on Xiao Jun’s Shanghai dragon blog as an example, then I continue to station as an example.


: keyword density (Figure three)


The following figure: ?

when doing Links, we will as far as possible and their site related similar sites to each other, the general site Links will have 20 to 30, if the same site, so Links keyword will be fundamental and our own site keywords repeat. As a result, also caused the Links area is the same or similar keywords. So whether the Links keyword will affect the entire page keyword density? This is not will be search engine that is the key word accumulation and lead to cheating, right down, K