We need to pay attention to the details of what the article reproduced


in A5 and the owners of the house where the submission, if the readability is not high, often is not audited by. From this point you can see that the article must have the soul, can help the user, if your website content can solve the needs of users, he will love your website, stay on the site you will increase the time. I think every industry has one or two good sites, most people will go through every day. So if you don’t have good things to share, not to reprint a few articles to help the user.



Internet is a shared environment, although both Google and love Shanghai, for reprint (here is that others reproduced copy and paste the article) is always close your eyes. As long as you love your site, the site has good rankings. Before you in the "Riquan Pang website optimization method can improve the work efficiency" this article mentioned that there is a website purely by copy and paste can get good rankings, now summarize the reasons.

should be moderateAn article in

three, the length of

mentioned here is not a query with webmaster tools, the weight is the weight of the site to give the virtual love Shanghai, there is no way to get the specific value, but we can know from some aspects. For example, the spider crawling on the site frequency, the higher the frequency the higher the weight, that is to say the article can say is the second, there is a new website snapshot, before LEE does not exist any direct relationship with the weight of the site update frequency snapshot, but I don’t think so, because the A5 page snapshot snapshot and forum different snapshots of A5 home than many in the new forum.

, a website with good weight

to the userWe

two, the value of

we all know, in addition to the A5 forum, the quality is very high, users are very love, but most of the content of the A5 forum is to copy and paste, the value is much lower. So the weight is much higher than that of the A5 Home Forum, so it’s a snapshot update faster. From another perspective, I before the A5 forums can say is the second, but recently a lot of slow speed. We all want to publish the article included, because only included, users can search the information to us. So if you want to reprint it, the premise is the website weight must have good. Remind the weight is high and not according to the website of the age to calculate here, I have a new independent blog, good article reprint of others can also do the seconds, but the Shenzhen website construction company website is not, this site has been two years, even self published original articles, once the other the first site included cannot included.

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