The website on the Taobao ads may be down the right to love Shanghai

for me, on the Internet, I often see and hear such remarks: don’t put Taobao ads on the site (with Taobao domain links directly appear on the site), or just waiting to love Shanghai drop right now.

Love is the sea

love of skirt sea site

site domain has not in the home, but dropped to 100 after. Before the ranking of the skirt, dress, skirt collocation and long tail words, now have disappeared. From the sea to fall in love with the daily IP is 9. If there are 360 search, really be unbearable to contemplate the consequences.

marine dress skirt. All the attention and the skirt. Launched in June 30, 2012. PR1, BR1, 500+ included.

on the Taobao ads second days

skirt, dress, skirt collocation keywords respectively in 29, 12, 9. The skirt suit, denim skirt and so on are on page second. There are so many long tail keywords are in the first place. From the sea to fall in love with daily IP in more than 216.


I have never been afraid to try to figure out the worst malicious love Shanghai, but this time, I love Shanghai to finally complete the doings, downhearted. As was my website, love the sea skirt.

is the. In early September 2008, Ma order, Taobao direct shielding love Shanghai spiders crawl. But I always believe that love, Shanghai is fair, it will not be because of Taobao and personal grudges, and anger at the innocent webmaster. However…… In their foreheads.


through this experience. I totally understand the "practice" and "paper come Zhongjue shallow, no matter known to practice" the truth. The car behind, hope to the webmaster, warning! Thanks to www.aiqunhai贵族宝贝 webmaster feeds!

advertising launched in February 23, 2013, this situation has lasted for 34 days. Today morning, I finally unbearable, with Taobao domain name advertising.

on the Taobao ads before