The three step is to quickly obtain accurate keywords Taobao guest

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analysis of user search habits is helpful to choose their own website keywords, as for how to analysis, you can refer to the relevant search, usually, "

Taobao off because it is the cause of so popular, as far as I know, the first time do station are in the beginning of Taobao customer type of website, because Taobao guest type site updates without what, just stick to the promotion of good. For Taobao customer website, choose keywords is the most is the most important, for Taobao keyword is how to return the guest, the most direct impact on so many webmaster said Taobao customers have become more and more difficult, it is mainly the inappropriate choice of keywords. Today I share a few Taobao keyword: customer selection method

is Taobao customers, will not flow but the conversion rate, so even if the flow is high if the conversion rate is not the word that is useless. There are low flow also is not necessarily what harm, one advantage is that it is easy to optimize to high ranking, and the conversion rate is quite good. Such as the weight loss type of Taobao customers, if you choose keywords diet pills like this, not only the competition, but also can optimize to the high ranking is still a problem. Moreover, such words are too vague, find the medicine reducing weight is not the same as it has the desire to buy, may be looking for comparison or understand diet pills. Therefore, high flow not high conversion rate, and now the user search accuracy is more and more high, low flow is generally very precise, diet pills such as Guangdong where there is no side effects of weight loss drug stores, where there is to buy and so on, this kind of key words although the flow may be maintained at about ten IP. But the conversion rate is high, because the search such words are relatively strong desire to buy. So, choose a relatively low competition and low flow, and the conversion rate is not bad.

two, as far as possible the use of long tail keywords

, try to choose some competition with low degree of

Taobao off site and not by the main keyword function, and rely more on the long tail keywords promotion. I think the definition for the long tail keywords, long tail keywords is the advantage of high conversion rate, high precision. This is the key, because Taobao is relying on the conversion rate of passengers to survive, if there is no conversion rate, even if the flow is high is empty. One expert share ten IP 7 single transaction, and the source of all by the long tail keywords. It is said that Taobao had to rely on the survival of the customer conversion rate. For Taobao, the main keywords competition degree and conversion rate not only has many fuzzy, this desire to buy users directly to one sentence or whitespace, the purpose is to quickly find the information they want. So, do Taobao off to high conversion rate, so the long tail keywords aspects are most likely to achieve the goal, not to pay too much attention to traffic, because Taobao did not have any relationship with the passenger flow, only the high conversion rate, even if IP can live well.

three, grasp the user’s search habits