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two content optimization has become the focus of Shanghai Longfeng work more difficult

is the most time-consuming and energy in Shanghai Longfeng construction of foreign chain operation, at least I think so, especially to obtain the high quality of the chain is very difficult. Love Shanghai launched a refuse chain tools, it is to let Shanghai Longfeng practitioners shield the garbage outside the chain, because of the fact that the garbage outside the chain not only to the number of Shanghai dragon, is likely to ruin your own website. The quality and quantity of the chain chain before so far, now this situation is exacerbated by the. Finally forced everyone to build the chain of good quality, it is easy to say, it is very difficult to do. The basic requirements of the chain is the correlation and universality, such as optimization of a mechanical equipment enterprise station, then to find the best site for machinery related, and this website can as one of the chain resources, the universality is more difficult.

launched a heavy fall rise to outside the chain of tools, the algorithm of love Shanghai and Scindapsus moves, these days many people are talking about Shanghai, Shanghai love this tool and what impact on the US, love the sea really want to give us what enlightenment? Whether the content has become the focus of work in Shanghai dragon the construction of the chain? Whether we should go to reform? These questions and so on most people in Shanghai Longfeng confusion, when we do think outside the Shanghai dragon chain construction as the key point, the chain of garbage flying all over the sky, this garbage outside chain not only Shanghai Longfeng effect today, will play a more serious role against it? Here are some views of the author, do not like do not spray

content and user experience will be the main Shanghai Longfeng work, and user experience for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are concerned, it is hard to control, product design, interface design and so on will affect the user experience of the website. For example, enterprise stand optimization, we can only do the content on the website, even so, different sectors of the content editor also allows us to spend a lot of time. Write original articles need to master certain industry, product information, plus the personal style of writing. If the chain is no ground for blame for the influence of the ranking is smaller, or that only high quality of the chain can be conducive to the rankings, so the difficulty of the work will become big Shanghai dragon as can be imagined. After the Shanghai dragon industry needs more good content editing, and is no longer the chain commissioner.

in short, such as the analysis above, the love of Shanghai refused to launch outside the chain of tools is just a beginning, the contents of the emperor, Shanghai dragon trend of user experience is king of the irresistible, is only a matter of time. There is love Shanghai technical problems, we all know that love Shanghai many places not perfect, but love in Shanghai has always been to continuously improve its own search technology. In addition to the impact brought to us, what is the inspiration for us to talk again.