Comparative analysis of internal chain optimization rankings way


site is mainly for the convenience of users browsing in the location click close, since this place can give users convenience, it can also be set by the keywords. Such as dry cleaning equipment with dry cleaning machines or machine equipment replacement, but the replacement of the words to ensure that the search volume, not ambiguity. In this way, can make the column page keywords are extended, and the text links are also diversified.

text navigation for the ranking of

web site chain optimization is an important work in the chain is a kind of reverse link, also has an important role in ranking, and the webmaster can completely self control. If you think the chain is not done well, it will look back to the station link, also can effectively enhance the website ranking. Today, by comparing several websites to analyze how to improve the internal chain optimization.


take the love of Shanghai first site dry cleaning shop price column, his title is "how much money _ dry cleaning machine cleaning machine price table, bread crumbs navigation and the main navigation is the same, with the" dry cleaning machine". And search "dry cleaning machine" the column page is ranked first. Breadcrumb navigation text links to ranking is made indirect contribution, but did not bring to the ranking title information directly.

The author of the

and the research station is now no ranking, can only look at the way, make a comparison.



main site navigation, use the drop-down menu, just looks beautiful and some. The page text is not selected to arrange some important pages, there is no good fusion of keywords. This is for the user, click basically no desire, there is not much help for keywords ranking.


text links to consolidate ranking


text navigation, as everyone knows, but many websites for beauty, or the use of non text navigation. Although it can be included, but it is not the best way. Check the "Hefei" love Shanghai top website, ranked first is the use of text links, and add title tags, is very conducive to the search engine grab included. But the page text is an important content of carefully selected, not only contains the relevant keywords, but also joined the user concerns. The station can be found, many of the keywords ranking in the first position, and the navigation text or have a certain relationship.

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