Love Shanghai to join the top20 site outside the chain analysis

from rival chain weight sources can be seen outside the chain of the total weight, the number of home chain, home page weight, the weight is more important reference data, under normal circumstances, love Shanghai is in accordance with the data to be sorted, but do not rule out some other more favorable factors such as domain name the content of quality advantage, site layout and user experience advantage.

can be seen from the above data love Shanghai ranked in the chain or the data show that, outside the chain of quality and quantity in the weight of the chain and the chain source the total number of sources is we often say that the. In this paper, we hope to see a foreign chain analysis and how to do the chain have a more profound understanding of the science of the chain from now on. The Chinese flavour coot 贵族宝贝hanwei100贵族宝贝 finishing reproduced please specify, we welcome the exchange of QQ1879172298

I was lucky enough to have a powerful software of "joining a forum" a word analysis data in Shanghai love top20 site outside the chain, including rival chain weight sources, the total number of the chain and the chain of global data.

The total number of

we all know the important link of Shanghai dragon is the content and the chain, do most is the content and the chain, a lot of people very depressed their web site to do more than the competition content and the chain is not ranked in general? We can analysis the content quality competition website content quality number and the frequency of updates, the chain is careful scientific analysis


from the chain and the chain of global data can be seen: the chain number of domain names and sources of the IP number is important, unlock the chain number of friends often mentioned a lot of no ranking, data that is outside of the chain are from many different sites outside the chain number, rather than a lot of foreign websites chain number. I believe we all understand this truth, here is the image data more confirmed.