Network identity will be the real name after Shanghai Longfeng what will change

will license

CCTV interview last week for the false information after reports, today people’s Congress and apply for network access procedures after the draft should provide true identity. False information resulted in a person’s loss, but also to the criminals made void. In fact, the CCTV news broadcast, I feel the network real name system is sooner or later, but there may be a lot of details to consider, after all, only the source to control well, do not let the false information on the Internet spread.

network real name will be getting closer, it will certainly affect the future of Shanghai dragon, is not only the enterprise website, Shanghai Longfeng service enterprises will also be affected.

server check, record will become more and more strict

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has been a lot of enterprises and individual station station server space is abroad, not at home. Some of these sites is off the record, but there is no record of a large part of. Of course, there are many of these sites is for domestic users. Although the state does not necessarily require a web server at home, but if the service in the country, the server in a foreign country, the relevant departments will be issued a decree to search engine with special respect to these sites, or is not ranking, or is the site that belongs to foreign websites, to remind users to pay attention to the safety of legitimacy". As a result, many websites will be a big challenge, the user will not be able to choose which "illegal and unsafe" website. In addition, for the record, some web service area and record location is not the same, the relevant departments may also be provided through the search engine, the record is not in the local station, please pay attention to the legitimacy of the. These can reduce the degree of trust website, users can not get. As we all know, as long as the current web server in the country, we must record. So, if you are doing a regular website, or return to the country to do a law-abiding website, is the right choice. To introduce some more cumbersome procedures after the audit, the record will become more and more difficult.

marketing specification

we each have a mobile phone, email, although countries in the strict requirements to prevent the proliferation of spam, we still can not regularly receive a lot of junk information. The reason is that our private information is sold, for those who want to seek the interests of the people. You can imagine, in order to prevent spam, after personal network account will be the real name, but will not prescribed without permission to others to send information. We are registered in the network identity, while the front display nickname may not be real, but the necessary personal information will be certified, such as personal photos, ID card, mobile phone will be verified. So, the future will be all kinds of information transmission mechanism is more and more strict, in our marketing must take the license type marketing, after the consent of the user, and then release the information, not without permission to send spam. But the user has the right to stop.