For the second study Hamilton path sprocket

but from this picture, we can find a problem, the link structure of the so-called Pyramid round link and the difference between them.

path for Hamilton this issue, an article written is a mess, and because the interval is too long, not even a long way, so this article from another perspective. What we consider in Shanghai Longfeng this circle, whether the existence of this natural path, in what circumstances will have a loop. To explore this question, we first look at the form of the current round of links is probably what.


this is one of the most basic link wheel form, and is a closed link style wheel. In this figure, there is only one Hamilton path, this path is shown in red.

in this picture, we added three sites, and gives the direction of the link, which is combined with the structure of a round link and Pyramid, we are also given to one Hamilton path, from this picture can be seen to give final target site of the highest weight, is the target site three.

why is this, look at the definition of Hamilton path will know, is from a starting point to an end point, all the way but not to repeat.

combines the concept of the article before we mentioned, the target site weights obtained from the site on D, is the highest. This is the highest, decided to two factors, one is the concept before we mentioned the article, another factor that is because the site D in the figure is only a link. This is a very important point. Next we put this figure becomes more complex, some factors of



for the chain this thing, in fact many people have proven the things he used to bluff the component is much higher than its practical value. But then because of this thing, it has triggered a lot of time in Shanghai dragon novel link existence. Hamilton will introduce the concept of path of Shanghai dragon is one of them.

declared in advance, this article will be relatively scattered, because this topic Hamilton path is a difficult task. The article first gives the address before, long before the write. 贵族宝贝 -a/ Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon and began to say that today we want to say.