A 16 year old Shanghai Dragon Road

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by more than a month of learning, I understand the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix, knows all the meaning of the term, at a variety of expert blog a lot of school, so I want to build a local Shanghai dragon blog, to test his own method of learning through practice. Their funds are limited, the GoDaddy bought the cheapest info domain name, domain name, space and other out of order but also tens of dollars. Blog program is used Z-Blog, the program selected, I started to write the site title, keywords, description. You see I wrote

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today I am 16 years old, 10 years from the September Shanghai phoenix contact has been more than four months, it can be said that Shanghai Dragon technology is food, write this article plainly, is to get more the chain, so that the site rankings! Oh, believe that most of the people standing long article published online and I have the same purpose.

previously done two garbage station, is now gone, gone, when even the most basic knowledge all don’t understand, so he is also play, in September last year by accident in the Internet to see Shanghai dragon in this industry, I feel strange, so I fell in love with the sea search: Shanghai dragon. In the first row of the Shanghai dragon one hundred thousand why – Shanghai dragon training and communication platform to see it does not matter, see me deeply in love with Shanghai, the industry, the original Shanghai dragon is (search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization, referred to as the Shanghai dragon) is a kind of objective to improve website ranking in the search the engine in the way of using a search engine search rule.

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