Come to talk about the 2 edition of the Shanghai love Scindapsus algorithm soft industry have little

against false website hit collection, pseudo original website issuedAccording to the

at the beginning of this year, Shanghai got the real love and declared the world is for kitchen knife, chopping, half a year after the grind, the knife again declared, not only can cut vegetables, cucumber. This is the love of Shanghai Green 2 upgrade algorithm.

simple, 1 against the main link in the transaction, 2 against the soft link, knife or the knife, the ultimate purpose is to fight spam chain. So I understand the "obvious promotion of" soft "is essentially a simple type of marketing articles" in the announcement in Shanghai gives a few examples, the following simple analysis of Lou song song.

two, the chain

besunyen the product itself does not have any problems, the problem lies in the link, the site was not besunyen official website. From this link in a look, is a single page website, if there is a friend to do the bidding, Taobao customers can quickly understand the site is what the.

, needless to say, the title and content to Shanghai dragon written, and only a few of the larger the scarlet letter was the ultimate goal. This article on the Internet there are too many, false, cheat, I look tired, you just found something can be found a lot, this article should be removed from the search results directly mercilessly.

this love Shanghai announced that the upgrade to 2 Scindapsus algorithm is mainly aimed at some sites, everywhere obviously promotion of the soft release phenomenon, I think the 2 algorithms is the extended version of 1, the main function of Scindapsus algorithm is in the detection of the "link" of the 2, and this is to say against soft, I want to say should be against the hyperlink text of the soft, in fact, the love of Shanghai have made it very clear obvious promotion of "soft".

first, the chain


In the case of


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@37 website blog diagnostic analysis on Lu Songsong’s blog comments: from the promotion of 1,2,3,5 soft, content promotion, really too irrelevant, the quality is not high. But I don’t understand is fourth, of course, know that it is sent to the wrong place, the financial channel made a training school soft, but in addition to this, the article itself I didn’t feel too much, the first paragraph of introduction of time and the tail section profile with text links, is nothing more than a chain of publicity. The other, your text is not garbage, which is the focus of the fight against objects? Some natural news and information articles also exist that links the phenomenon of publicity, don’t love Shanghai indiscriminately kill all