Do Shanghai Longfeng optimization must learn to keep spider

believe that many webmaster do not pay too much attention to the exchange of Links, now there are many webmaster use to buy high weight link to boost the overall weight of the site and the spider crawling, since we choose to exchange Links then you should choose the snapshot included more, not more than seven days, the webmaster can exchange the daily update site Links the.

believes that the search engine spiders for new sites are not too cold, since many new Adsense the site is the need to grab a spider can eventually included increase, if a few days or a few weeks spiders are not crawling to your site so we can go to our website to guide the pre emptive spider, we can go to some of the more popular weight is relatively high the forum site of some keywords and link the message, so effective for the release of the chain, the general high weight site spiders are frequently basically you can see a spider down you left. Just climb into your site to crawl.

many webmaster know the web site outside of the chain of the site is important, the ranking of a website is a large part of the problem lies in the chain and an efficient chain is also very important, we can go to the webmaster A5, Chinaz the laggards, these famous and relatively high weight the head of the forum to publish your site outside the chain, so that the spider can be a very good and effective guidance.

, a pre emptive

I believe that for many new Adsense are not know the site map of the system, the site map is mainly to search engine spiders use to create a site map link to each of your pages. Keep update. It helps the spiders into each page. Put a text link to the site map on the main page.

three, the chain for emperor

search engine spiders are in favor of a website with original content of its own unique style and features have their own web site, as long as the first spider in your site to grab it what you want so many days since then it will be very frequent in your net station repeatedly crawl and crawl the new content, so we must be updated every day, the original content to feed the spider, the only way to get into the habit of spider repeatedly browsing and crawling naturally every day on your website, website and included the weight in the course of time as well as the number of snapshot update will increase all the time.

two, prepared daily fresh food

The importance of

four, Links

five, a smooth road to spider

believes that you all have heard of the search engine spiders, search engine spiders is a system called web site content capture most of the webmaster is called for the establishment of Shanghai Longfeng spiders, do optimization we should learn how to attract the spider crawling and visit our website page.