A mobile page is optimized to show how the site self examination and rectification

A:1. self mobile site operations are normal, traffic statistics channels are accurate, the server access is normal;

[Q4] website traffic anomaly in the feedback center how to submit feedback?

A: love Shanghai search will regularly update the index database, such as site index volume dropped significantly, but no significant fluctuations can not flow, feedback the problem, continue to observe the data fluctuation;

4. to confirm whether or not do their own excessive optimization, if yes, anti cheat system of mobile search will automatically be on site.


has no corresponding mobile page PC page, the website to the mobile adaptation problem of self-examination, self-examination and rectification to the website.

2. if do mobile adapter or MIP, should pay attention to whether the traffic is transferred to the MIP site;

screenshot example

3. site content is not included, need not be included URL and

[Q5] site is not necessarily to do HTTP>

A:1. is required to provide any specific domain flow decreased, specific to the two level domain name or directory;

3. to confirm the PC flow in the search of the station (mobile station flow fluctuation may be associated with PC flow fluctuation)

as the site index decreased significantly and website traffic fluctuation, website before self web server is abnormal, the abnormal positioning website directory, provide important evidence, reference site traffic anomaly to feedback, submit questions in the feedback center.

[Q2] is my site index to the sharp drop in the volume of how to do?

[Q3] mobile site flow long time fluctuations to self?

mobile page browsing experience, please refer to the "love Shanghai mobile search advertising experience landing page white paper – 2" or "love Shanghai text search Mobile Friendly (mobile friendly) standard V1.0" rectification rectification; if the site after two weeks, there is still optimal display, please feedback in the feedback center.

[Q1] mobile page is optimized to show how the site, self-examination and rectification?

School of self-help question answering system has been on the line for a period of time, a small robot everyone satisfied? The president saw everyone on the small robot questions from the background, the following questions at present the highest rate of the president has to answer to streamline, to everybody, the subsequent month will organize a period of release.

2. flow decreased with the corresponding URL, and the drop in traffic flow decreased screenshot screenshot proof, please provide schematic flow and keywords tool platform;

A: has been optimized display page is divided into two categories: one is the mobile terminal page browsing experience; the other is the browsing experience and there is no corresponding mobile page PC page;

The flow changes