From the Sohu micro blog ranked Shanghai love network marketing McCain disappear


recently, often in the webmaster forum, Taobao saw an advertisement: Shanghai dragon fast ranking minutes, what no station, without the chain, you can get love Shanghai ranking and so on, and here the hero is a Sohu of micro-blog, micro-blog in the end Sohu fast ranking is the webmaster or free lunch clouds just

Shanghai auction market share and price as evidenced by this trend… Google’s departure information intervention of SEM to love Shanghai is not a good thing with the domestic legal policy is becoming more and more things in a short life more and more unstable factors in the market disruption… Within a short time Shanghai dragon just play a network brand promotion effect either do or do not portal station group talk about network marketing by Shanghai dragon is nonsense… The national policy restrictions in many industries do not like what the club to sell the answer selling counterfeit invoices, but these can be achieved through the auction ah, ha ha, you know ~

three line Shanghai Longfeng flow, second do content, the line to do the conversion rate, the top Shanghai dragon MT, height of the thought did not reach again the strong technology is also a novice. Not transferred to Shanghai dragon network marketing which occupies the proportion of what are the clouds, in addition to do foreign trade market in China if the plane advertisement need regular input the commercial network marketing its share of not more than 35% of the overall marketing of Shanghai dragon pulling sales by B2C and C2C, Shanghai dragon China started micro-blog, the content is too small, the Shanghai Dragon into which really is a bit difficult, but any marketing people have a breakout success.

the above data from Shanghai love certified SEM Engineer Liu Jingyun, the long tail word according to average a 50 to count, 22*50*0.02, for the medical industry, the conversion rate is very good, but may be higher than this, because each thin with the reverse link, for his detailed here do not say

Many novice

what method? Really so God? I am also curious, also to test some. After verification, it is no need to build, without a huge investment of time, without a solid chain and content, convenient and fast to get the ranking. Not only can quickly get traffic, but also can be used as an effective chain. The specific operation here is not to say, business forum already exists for this tutorial post.

just look at the surface, but you did not enter the data analysis of Shanghai Longfeng data have transferred to network marketing in which occupy what proportion of conversion? Normal Shanghai Longfeng flow rate is 2%, this is more common myth, of course special industry data might be fluctuations, here not carefully talked ~

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Sohu micro-blog ranking disappear

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