From on the new station on the line to the four factor ranking

2, add the high quality of the original article, love to Shanghai for the first time included a good impression, to prepare for the post;

Review of

is the first factor: the new station is not included stage

at this stage of the PR value of the site is 0, the chain number is small, high quality links rarely, love Shanghai rarely included, snapshots will slow love Shanghai. This is a clear sign of the new station, everything is new, so some high quality sites will not Links to exchange with you, this time the focus of the work is not how quickly he ranked to the home page, but regular updates (content recommendations and related keywords) and rules to increase the number of the chain (outside the chain website construction and related keywords), through the two work to lay a solid foundation. Below is a list of the stage need some items, the degree of emphasis and so on

get some high quality the chain 1, through some of their own resources, also need the chain number strong support, suggestions can be used to release the original soft way to increase the chain, this increase in speed will be faster, if not soft writing, you can modify some of the others (do something immoral, but belong to upset), regular increase.

2, every day or every few days to add some content, depending on the number of owners of the time. The contents and related keywords, based on the original article, can take the appropriate pseudo original, but the stronger the readability, not to engage in the ranking, the article can not read, this is a taboo, the final results do website ranking or for the visitor in the service.

this site can only rely on the domain name to visit, the search engine can’t find him, then focus on how to speed up the love of Shanghai is not included, but how to ensure the site is no problem, from the layout to the keyword set. Because if the late discovery of this or that problem to modify, is bound to have a certain influence on the optimization results, serious may also be K station. Included only a matter of time, when you do the right thing to do, love will be included in Shanghai nature. Below is a list of the stage need some items, the degree of emphasis and so on

4, join the category and navigation station.

from the Shanghai Phoenix nearly 2 years experience, the new ranking is divided into four factors, the first factor: the new station is not included; second factors: to be included, but not a good ranking stage; third factors: ranked five pages or so, a relatively stable stage; fourth factors: love Shanghai home page ranking stage, working in different factors on different, look together below.

1, on its own web site keywords layout and other details, prevent late because of the change and love Shanghai right down layout;

second factors: to be included, but not a good ranking

3, submitted to love Shanghai and other search engines, let them know the website;