From the choice of keywords to optimize keyword ranking

A brief overview of

keywords ranking optimization selection, the first to see the projects you have to do, their first to set their own keywords, such as you do the project is whitening products, website keywords you certainly cannot do without the two words, two suggestions, one is based on the sales of the products you sell to choose, such as you sell which product is the fastest selling, you can use this product to do keyword, first select the target keywords your target keywords, there is the search words, but also from the words you want to drive traffic to your site, you must set a few words, and then go from the screening, because we have to face keywords the degree of competition, so do not blindly choose, second attention is the key to your website and your website is relevant to the subject, whitening, words can not write to lose weight Class, you can write, but the search engine can distinguish! Give your own website localization, then go to their website to search for keywords according to mining.

how to choose keywords? For keywords and how did you meet again? An overview of the site keywords, the root key is your web site, what they want to find a website? Is through the search engine to search a keyword, the search words of others is exactly what you do, and row in front, he would go to see the site, each site has its own web site keywords, each industry has its own keywords, so many industries, do not repeat keywords? Of course, repeat, repeat only to produce competition! Repeat the word that many of the search, proof of this the value of






keywords ranking optimization of the degree of competition, see keyword competition need love Shanghai index used, from which we can see how much is a word search volume index? Love Shanghai address: index.baidu贵族宝贝 as you love Shanghai in the search index "forever", you will find this sentence: I’m sorry, index information related to "forever" is not found. This shows that the word search for combining very few people, less than 50, if every word every day to search for more than 50 of all the index less than 50! Is not displayed, you choose target >

keyword ranking optimization, as is your site keywords to optimize the search engine ranking a good position, when you search for money online while working on the first page, you can find a strong entrepreneurial Yongqiang blog, and the website appears on the first page, is that I use the optimization technique, is also a keyword ranking optimization and want to let more people find your website, you must set a keyword to your site keywords, it is equivalent to you the appearance of the website, many people search for the word, and your site firmly row on the first page, you are a successful webmaster, that has mastered the keyword ranking optimization technology.

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