How to accurately estimate the Shanghai dragon cycle

site was attacked, peer malicious obstruction and customer fail…… These old money also does not have what good way to really see the character.

two, the degree of competition

due to various reasons, Shanghai dragon Er will have some gap in technology, this is very important to recognize their own, do not boast of the sea in front of the customer, not in order to receive the list of customers being led by the nose.

The first kind of The

simple orders from Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon cycle accurate estimation, is a very difficult thing. Even now a batch of famous Shanghai dragon Er, can not be accurately estimated every time. Once the prediction errors, the customer experience is often compromised. So, Shanghai dragon cycle estimate is as accurate as possible and in the need to communicate with customers in time to set aside the fluctuation.

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four, love Shanghai algorithm change

fourth is the illegal websites, such as gambling, rush of that kind, usually I would recommend this kind of customers do station group, then the cost and period of clear. Of course, the majority of these customers are getting stations the huge cost of business with a small capital, and soon the cancellation of the.

is eager to rank and reckless, the station was K also never mind the customers directly to the site this means black hat.

three, its strength

money to customers can be divided into the following several

this is the only factor of an uncontrollable and often irreparable consequences. But in the period when estimating, still need to make some anticipation. This requires the change trend of Shanghai dragon Er often concern love Shanghai algorithm, through analysis the official release of the information such as the love of Shanghai in Shanghai Webmaster Platform on love.

six, other

general, Shanghai Longfeng mainly consider five point cycle prediction

this is not what to say, the greater the degree of competition keywords, ranking the more difficult, the natural cycle is longer.

five, customer requirements

third is eager to ranking, but also to the stability, so customers need careful, objective to clearly introduce the Shanghai dragon. Don’t give up, so the customer conversion rate is relatively high.

, a website in

like different types of people to wear different clothes for different types of Web site optimization cycle is not the same. Usually also said that the optimization of short period is itself has a certain weight site, new times, right down the site is more, illegal websites basically do station group will not go up, so do not consider.

second is also ranked to stable, so the passengers would need to sit down and talk carefully. The cycle, cost and price to say clearly.