Entrepreneur 40 days finally broke throughTalk about today’s forum phenomenon

now Wangzhuan forum like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in full bloom, it is a good thing, the code Wangzhuan has been more and more accepted and loved. Wangzhuan should become one of the industry after the popular. In the past, net, E metal, make friends of the three forum will go to a place to do Wangzhuan people, then we thought more simple than now, more down-to-earth learning knowledge Wangzhuan, a problem to talk about in the forum for a long time, I have experienced now. Still miss the wonderful time wangzhuan.

for the first time with the teacher’s e-mail exchange, I simply introduced my situation, and consulted the devil teacher, a very silly question, that is, in the forum to learn how to do it before you earn

review the past,



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is now back at the rise of the forum, an open home Wangzhuan advertising everywhere, the major sections of the loose management, post is also full of advertising, I have expressed dissatisfaction, specially put forward suggestions on a forum administrator, want ads don’t like him to give me a reply is needed to increase the development of the forum the server and some other expenses, it is necessary to do so, yes. Do website forum, only on the basis of profit and stick to it, but there is no ground for blame put advertising profits without taking into account, the real purpose of Wangzhuan forum visitors to


one, talk about how I joined Taobao to earn

two, talk about how I learned


forum I a chance to get some free video tutorials, a friend sent me a devil teacher, I remember watching the tutorial is when at 2, 3, that time believe friends already know often stay up late, after the body clock occurred do you want to change, change is hard, I have a period of time in the middle of the night often unable to sleep, until at 4, 5 or even the morning can rest, I remember watching the movie station to IP method, suddenly feel very shocked, think to meet a new direction of thinking reverse this is the devil thinking teacher said, and on that day, I put all the free tutorials devil teacher see once, read all 6, 7 hours a day, once a day for second days in the morning to see At 12 o’clock, and then go to sleep, wake up, ask a friend to the devil devil teacher site, the teacher wrote the first letter, reply to the devil teacher, my confidence has been enhanced, the day he joined Taobao to make business forum fee is 180 dollars, is not expensive, but for me this figure, I will never forget, because I am in the devil before joining the VIP teacher training, the body is only 185 blocks and have no more than 1 month income, gave 180 tuition, 5 dollars left, so impressed!!!

after the completion of the national day, I want to write an article, as in the past, in the future, when the dead of night, I write this article under the static heart, I hope you can give us some inspiration, if not well written, or at some point you do not agree, please forgive me I give some superficial comments, let me gain, today I struggled for more than 10 hours, after joining Taobao make forum, keep learning and work every day, has gradually become a life habit, those lazy days have gone for ever!!! Oh, though very tired, but very happy that I have such a change

I think this person is really not how, more than 20 years old, not all day, want to rely on the network to make money, but do not have to do, seriously to learn, what are the three minutes of heat, of course, many objective factors restrict me, say I don’t have enough money. Another example of the relatives and friends do not understand, do not believe that the network to make money, there is no money to have factors in the network above the knowledge and ability and so on, is not also make a lot of friends deeply troubled

and the advertisement inside and out is very suspect, even now the star for some business opportunities network, such as: U88, 28, these are CCTV expose is deceptive advertising. So please open the forum, people should be responsible attitude, give you a clean learning environment wangzhuan. Advertising costs should be reasonable.