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by the husband and wife Pepsi, adversity may make the team fall into confusion and suspicion. Technical colleagues accused the product colleagues of blindly directing the wrong way, and product colleagues accused the technical colleagues of failing to complete the project on time and missed the market opportunity. If we do not take timely measures, the whole team may be due to the loss of excitement and in go-slow state, this is the real crisis of products.

adversity and prosperity are relative concepts. Adversity is not a failure, when we are in a time of rapid growth, the slowdown could mean stress, but this time from the product life end point is far away, and the product may again rapid growth.

how to maintain the team’s excitement, overcome adversity, I think there are two magic weapons can be used, the first is positive feedback, and the second is faith.

I horse believes that the real entrepreneurs should have independent thinking ability, need to understand the real needs of the market and the observation of human nature, rather than to the chiefs of the certain words as their "entrepreneurial coordinates", but you need to venture enterprises is "elite" or "grassroots", completely according to the decision of your industry environment, entrepreneurs really need independent insight.

positive feedback

Internet entrepreneurs do not know when to pop up such a slogan: "grassroots who in the world, but the horse brother did not think so, because all the" broad brush "theory is terrible. Just yesterday, a British fashion blog B2B startup BoF Business of Fashion announced the acquisition of well-known venture capital institutions Index Ventures led a $2 million 100 thousand investment and financing, while the BoF is completely a "elite success" of the entrepreneurial company.

Tencent product manager, embarrassments Wikipedia founder Wang Jian in "webs" a Book of personal discipline part, share their experiences about how to face adversity, for entrepreneurs and Internet practitioners have a strong reference value.

team so excited although it is difficult to quantify, but not with no reality whatever. The excitement must be a problem when team members are reluctant to accept new job assignments for product improvement. If the team members help the product to think of various ideas, and after the success of validation, and excited by more enthusiasm to work, the excitement will naturally remain at a relatively high level.

team will not lack of negative feedback, the server fails in need of emergency treatment, the negative reputation network, the boss of the schedule for dissatisfaction with the team, these are negative feedback, these problems need to face and solve. When dealing with negative feedback, don’t neglect to pass the pros and cons to the team


BoF readers only about hundreds of thousands of readers, constitute about 60% of the people in the fashion business, 30% of the rich / professional consumers, and about 10% of the students. BoF mainly provides news and analysis of fashion Conference and analysis services, paid content and explore new fashion business model. The founder of Amed BoF claimed that the site in the future will always insist on his own "business model", dedicated to providing high-quality fashion commentary and analysis, Amed argues that only keep this style is the key to the success of the website.

took the embarrassments encyclopedia, a group of users to share the love to win is the need for a long time to accumulate things, and for a long time without any economic returns. In the operation process of most of the encyclopedia, I had no one to find their own post content stage, rental service provider server is stopped without service stage, when Wikipedia embarrassments in the search engine disappeared suddenly coming out of a lot of cloning sites, their own money to buy servers hosted in the room in the stage. Many users complained to me about the service stage, many reptiles to steal the contents of lead, server overload, etc.. These conditions are not enough to cause death, but they will be curious, let me think "you want to continue to operate the problem. In times of adversity, once a person gives up, the product dies immediately. As long as he doesn’t give up, the product can survive. Looking back over the past, once felt like a roller coaster adversity has become flat, no longer worth mentioning.

to start this thing, is in need of entrepreneurial projects and the industry in the "ecological environment" to maintain consistency. For example, fashion is popular behavior, but are leadership and initiated are guided by a "fashion leader", so the fashion industry itself has a very strong "elite nature", and adhere to their own high-quality, high-end BoF views elite business model, and the ecological environment is undoubtedly the fashion industry is consistent. So BoF in the fashion industry success.