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Beijing News: over the past year, you converted from the traditional economy of professional managers into Internet entrepreneurs, can adapt to this identity conversion?

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said in his resignation letter to Daqing." In April, Mao Daqing venture Hugo factory was established, in the form of a joint office, to join the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Beijing News: it looks like you don’t have too many problems. How about your life after starting a business?

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Mao Daqing: during the year, I talked to many entrepreneurs

I don’t agree with the entrepreneurship literature, not very romantic is very fashionable, left their homes and families, this is our very naive, is our society very naive.

in April 28, 2016, is located in Beijing sunshine workshop Hugo 100, Mao Daqing accepted the Beijing News reporter’s interview. Mao said Daqing, entrepreneurship for the past year, although it looks smooth, but the outside questioning along the line, he has repeatedly questioned themselves. China’s next phase of entrepreneurial innovation should have a global perspective and the ability to find projects around the world.

Mao Daqing: I often recall the past 20 years when the occupation managers recently, that pay, consumption and cost of the mind, as well as the risks and responsibilities, although with entrepreneurial founder is not the same, but I did not feel the entrepreneurial attitude and entrepreneurial spirit of the occupation manager, also called occupation managers. So you see those executives who may succeed in business later, and he must be a good professional manager in the original enterprise.

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2015, Mao Daqing to participate in the Beijing News "looking for China to create customers" in the first quarter of activities, and won the "China hit the year" title. At the beginning of 2016, Hugo workshop launched Qingfeng fund, Mao Daqing become investors, and become "looking for China hit off the second quarter mentor.

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entrepreneurial year, has repeatedly questioned their

March 2015, Vanke Beijing regional CEO Mao Daqing suddenly resigned.

"I have made a whole new choice in my life: starting a business and starting again with dreams,"

more than a year, Hugo plant grow rapidly, 7 projects have been opened in over 4 domestic city. Financing three times, the valuation from 150 million yuan, grew to 4 billion yuan, an increase of 26 times.

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was born in Beijing in 1969 and was a postdoctoral professor of regional economics at Peking University. From 2002 to 2009, he was appointed Deputy General Manager of Beijing Prefecture, Singapore holding China holding group. From 2009 to January 2015, he was appointed senior vice president of Vanke Group and general manager of Beijing vanke. Since January 2015, he has been chief executive officer of Vanke Beijing and has served as chairman of the Beijing company.

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