The bitter history abandoned the industry engaged in WangzhuanFive tips to help your website profit

usually just do webmaster friends will take the two extremes, one is simply doing station sites such as bigger, stronger, and then consider the profit! The capital has the ability of the webmaster may be a good idea, but for the grass-roots webmaster, that can not live! There is a website, just started, anxious to advertise to make money, often not dozens of web traffic, the website is full of ads, visitors into his website, what pop ads, floating ads ah, anyway, out of order advertising to crush tourists! This site is not. Big

I am twenty-two years old, not graduated from high school sophomore, and then south to work in Shenzhen. Shoes outside the brush, into the factory, worked as a waiter. Large and small work done almost a dozen copies. My heart always want a little something to do. At that time the salary every month also has one thousand blocks.

08 years when exposed to Wangzhuan, before this, his concept of the computer is able to chat, watch movies, play games. Did not expect to make money through the computer can. In October I decided to engage in Wangzhuan industry, when the heart is an impulse, a want to change their own destiny impulse. Want to stand up from this Wangzhuan industry. Never thought will meet what difficulty, never thought he was only on a network, chat, watch a movie.

how to make their website avoid extreme, and thus bigger and stronger, 90Boy whole knot is summarized as follows:

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Oh, you might also look out! The most important thing is their own profit model and strategy! This will depend on your head!

3, that is, the production of the site, the production of a website with its own characteristics

here to remind you, in doing a station, the profit model must wait for several sets, so that some profit model is not feasible, you can change!

1, first of all, we must have a definite purpose before we do the station. The purpose of our station is very simple, just to make money.


5 is just waiting for the website to make a profit,

a good webmaster he will know how to use the least minimum capital and labor inputs harvested several times or even hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands of times the profit, a good webmaster he will be good at thinking, he can be a very good control of their website, and very clear profit strategies and their mode of

Internet is now becoming more and more developed, more and more personal webmaster, want to use the website to help people make money now also increased, but the majority of the grassroots webmaster and did not earn much money, some Adsense is silent and no profit to do stand, to consider, but some people are using the site’s station transinfo remember to 100 for their own profit, but unfortunately, this kind of webmaster does not earn much money! Although they are the most difficult webmaster, but not a qualified webmaster


4, that is, adding content and doing SEO optimizes

to March, my daily garbage station steady flow is more than 200, which is from my place to post, few is from sh419 to. I know what it means. So I took the stand off. To Study hard, re positioning, easy to make a point of the station, the station specific point. The previous station, the station is, what are the contents of. And all of them are collected. Change did not change. Hey. It is food at home. In April, he decided to make a beautiful picture station. Looking for pictures, all there is no watermark. You manually add. Original。 Finished, only to find that space is not good, a slow open home.

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here, I give everyone’s opinions on the perseverance, as long as you can insist on every day to their station to add some fresh content, and more to do some of the chain, your SEO will be more successful!


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, you will say, I will not engage in the program how to do? I tell you, in fact, and not really understand the program, the network free program is more casual, which can be used to customize a template, the most is to spend money, know little HTML can stand long. Make into a set of their own

08 years in December to end his four year career, take thousands of dollars back home. Buy a computer, pull the cable. It was just the wangzhuan. A do it, just know what we do not know too much, even what is space, what is the domain name are confused, do not understand. No way, had to own a little bit to find the answer in sh419. In January when they know Wangzhuan is a web site and then put ads to make money. The specific operation process almost understand. To the construction site, the first station, I use the PowerEasy procedures, now that I have been off the station. I advertised for a month, in the post, local forum, forum. As long as there is a little popularity place can see my shadow. But I found that traffic or not, from the network owners to see many articles found themselves too tender. To understand things or too little. Don’t know what a SEO is, the less poor promotion way. So the heart that emotion is plummeting. Not only did not earn a penny, buy space, buy domain name, have spent almost more than 500 dollars.

2, we have a clear purpose, after all, have a set of suitable for their profit model.