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is 17 years old, a young age, all normal life should be this age have, reading, learning, yet I was cut off the left feet, legs become disabled, was originally the distress, cost plus surgery has been sick, so the family debt, in no capacity let me continue to learn. Because they are also different from others, the spirit was a big blow, have closed their own six months, no one, nor go out, and later considered a lot of things, decided to go out of the shadows. For my future work, in my strong request, my mother bought a second-hand computer for me, but do not understand computer technology, on crutches to do some hours of fun sitting parts live in the vicinity of the small factories, more than a month down to only 500 yuan, in the mother’s help, adult computer school 1000 yuan to the local to learn some graphic design, their own efforts to learn 2 months after the start of work, because his leg is not easy, often dismissed, so mix 5, 6 years, the placement of the prosthesis is halfway.

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companies in the communication process, some women will be relatively strong; there are more aware of their weaknesses in where, like not too familiar with the capital market, simply to partner to do, is to focus on their products. Of course, this is based on the mutual trust of both sides.

how many female entrepreneurs I come into contact with has some cultural and creative colors, such as animation, film and television, advertising media, and e-commerce based on TV shopping. They do women like things, to petty bourgeoisie, small fresh, literature and art, most children, small girls like, can produce purchasing power. There are not many women entrepreneurs in pure science and engineering.


in the national animation Park, women entrepreneurs are still a very small group of people, the identity of the founder is very little. But in the park management, many leaders are women. Because in the operation, management of the park, the most important and most core business is to provide the park with the most intimate of all types of services. It doesn’t require much break through and adventure. Women in the service industry is very patient and careful, and have a better grasp of the supremacy of service, as much as possible to tap customer needs, so I think women are more suitable for park management. Huang Haiyan, like the Zhang Jiang incubator and Liu Yuwen of the Suzhou nano biology Park, are all women.

09 years, when my last company, a month before the dismissal, hear the internal discussions, companies may be layoffs, I think I must be dismissed, he knew that his is not easy, with their legs inconvenient not what degree, which I repeatedly dismissed at that time, just thinking about looking for a new job, find a job at home, once on taobao goods when landing the member center, see a prominent Taobao advertising in the background, just curious click read, understand that Taobao is to help Taobao’s customers sellers promote goods, promotion of goods once the transaction, Taobao customers can obtain a certain commission. This kind of job suits me best, just a cable, a computer can work, the most important thing is that you can work at home.

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most of the time, women entrepreneurs will focus on products, and they will be slightly weaker in vision. They think more about how to make the customer experience better, how to make the product more elaborate, more perfect, more lovely, so that consumer groups prefer. But for the entire enterprise how to finance, the enterprise in the next few years to which direction to develop, consider less. Of course, many women entrepreneurs don’t take that into mind at all, but they’re not very good at building them.

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in the company was dismissed after trying to do a Taobao off site, their original work and network independent, no network technology, this is my biggest problem, what all don’t understand, what are not, even the most simple Links code are not added, try to buy others do the program to do it, spent 300 yuan to buy a virtual space, 300 yuan to buy a program, a start do not join, do not know what a good space, what the program is good, after a month of learning in the alliance forum, found himself buying program is reselling N the garbage and program background, began to realize that they cheated, in hundreds of yuan did not earn a penny. "

by talking to some female entrepreneurs, I feel that most of the difficulties they face are more confused in opening up money markets. But in opening up the user market, women entrepreneurs will be a lot of self-confidence. When communicating with consumer groups, female entrepreneurs are more approachable and friendly, making it easier for users to accept her products. In the capital market, they are very little able to ease, will take the initiative to talk about listing, talk about the future of women entrepreneurs rarely.

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