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4, entertainment, local, life site priority through.

always wanted to write something to me more than a year of Wangzhuan summary, recently finally for some time. Because of my writing level is limited, has not written or not clear place, please paizhuan. I just want to write my real experience, welcome to master guidance.

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2.07 years in May. The full-time network to make money. Not knowing the technique, even HTML couldn’t understand it at first. Heard that hanging chat room, do SP good money, to find a friend to do a temptation site, on two pages, spent 750 yuan. Hang know to chat later, chat room is full of advertisements, and watched the others advertising, the website with my halo, I do not know is that the man as like as two peas, copy others ", or those who advertise a copy of my. Because too many people hang chat rooms, one day the computer did not stop hanging 24 hours of income is 10 yuan, the highest is more than 30 dollars a day, I am particularly pleased that, after all, can really make money, gave me to do network determination. Hang chat room, and found a hang method, did not hang chat room so troublesome. In Taobao spent 200 yuan, bought 1000 number, change the name, change data for two days, hang up with software, the effect is really good. The first time all hung up, the day to see traffic ah, more than 1000 IP, so excited, go to the SP background, look at the account number of 200 yuan. This has strengthened my determination to do wangzhuan. I immediately bought a computer used to hang , called the girlfriend to do together, go to Taobao and bought 1000 number, hang up. So every day there are four hundred or five hundred yuan of income, every night hanging earn money, and then go out to eat a night snack, sleep at night, sometimes 3, 4 o’clock, also get up to see if there is no line , so that the day will be four or five days. Later, a strong drop, hang not go up, have to verify the code, and later found to be able to break the verification code hanging software, just found those , and later can not land, all blacklisted by Tencent. Then the crackdown, SP do not let, and I will stop doing SP. By the end of May when the Wangzhuan made 2>

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1.2000 years of high school graduation, wasted a year’s time at home to Guangzhou to work on the three days of classes to go home, really do not go down, go home a year studying computer in computer school, this year so I contacted a little Wangzhuan, because in the school computer can access the internet. A year after the computer again to Guangdong to work in the school, because of computer graphic design, later found in Dongguan, a trading company to do graphic design, to pay 600 yuan / month, until the 2007 wage rose to 3000 yuan / month. When you work because you can surf online, do some part-time work while the investigation, advertisement, etc., to pull off the assembly line network, received a total of over 100 yuan, there is a EG account to account some dollars, now even forget.

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1, a wide range of users, entertainment life as the theme, especially for entertainment, local, life class sites put on.