Taobao business is not easy Amoy home is a good learning platformWhen the entrepreneur is abandoned

Taobao business is getting more and more difficult, but the electricity supplier data is very gorgeous. Just the past 2014, Tmall double 11 day trading volume reached 57 billion 100 million, the electricity supplier has completely changed the Internet consumer habits. Crazy double 11, crazy online shopping users, the electricity supplier has become a hot topic of public concern. Survey data show that as of December 2013, more than 2 million 350 thousand e-commerce professionals, indirect employment driven by e-commerce, has more than 16 million 800 thousand people, of which Taobao business users is also growing.

what kind of person is the best entrepreneur we should support?

triggered an opportunity for me to write this article. It was a few days ago that we were sorry to say "no" to an entrepreneur". So, is this another case of "ruthless abandonment of entrepreneurs by capital"? Let’s take a look at what happens from an investor’s point of view.

Taobao offers an online business platform, with tens of thousands of new stores opening every day, and tens of thousands of stores closed every day. Taobao has not yet entered the feeling that Taobao shop is easy, one excited to open a shop; but the lack of operational ideas and methods, after the enthusiasm of the delay and no orders, have to face the end of the store. Meng Jiang at work often encounter new sellers complain for help, the on-line shop, no traffic and no sales orders, no promotion and evaluation, ideas and methods, confused! How to get traffic? How to promote the store? How to create explosion models? How to keep the user? The train is too expensive for drilling show no store base the volume is too poor and not to attract customers of Taobao. There are also some stores, last year also worked together, opened again this year has prompted "the store does not exist."". Open and close, a few happy tears!

entrepreneurs have had melted the angel round, A round, after nearly two years of development, the difficulties encountered in the process of B round of financing, six months down what no progress, the company accounts only for less than two months of cash.

how should we better support and serve these entrepreneurs?

some of our outstanding peers, all claiming to be "the friends of the entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs entrepreneurs, basically everyone express to" entrepreneurs "of the group support and respect.

of course, this is not the first time we’ve been talking to this entrepreneur. Our colleagues repeatedly reminded him to pay attention to cash flow when he met with him ten months ago, six months ago, and two months ago. Ten months ago, the entrepreneurs just melt end A wheel, there is ample cash on the account, did not feel the natural "cash flow" is a problem; half a year ago, he still believes that the "streamlined team control spending will affect morale, not conducive to the growth performance and the next round of financing; two months ago, he we hope to provide a convertible bond, but he still needs to complete the B round of financing in a few months, because according to him, he could not let in the second half of this year a positive cash flow.


however, when reading the news, it is often found that "an entrepreneur is abandoned by capital", "another founder is expelled from the capital" and so on. Here the "capital" is personified as a subject, as if "capital" is a person, and is often a "cold and cruel", "no profit, no go" such attributes.



dream river is also considered as an indirect employee driven by e-commerce, and is responsible for the Taobao related business under the A5 trading platform. A5 forum is a group of personal webmaster, IT practitioners, entrepreneurs gathered. With the trend of the Internet changes, personal Adsense gradually reduced, but with the understanding and love of the Internet, many webmaster career switch to Taobao customers, in the field of Taobao customers quickly. Taobao A5 passenger forum organized regular weekly guest lectures, practical software development Amoy, Amoy promotion solutions encountered problems in the process, as the webmaster general service Taobao guest user service.

talking about personal experience of opening a shop, the dream River in 08 years also tried. At that time, the university just graduated, temporarily did not find the right job, listen to the people around you talking about Taobao then did not know the concept of electricity supplier, just around the know

for a start-up business, "positive cash flow" is not a necessary condition, so the only equity investment in this industry, capital support for start-ups, let startups at a loss or no income going out early development, infrastructure construction.

CRE capital from the beginning of each colleague to join the team, constantly in a variety of situations to discuss with each other:

every time I read here, can not help but let me wonder, who wrote these statements really know the "capital"? Why is "capital" so bad,

with guest users increasing, A5 has attracted more and more Taobao businesses, hoping to recruit guest promotion products, increase the store sales. On the one hand, we will also actively recommend A5 guest recruitment to the merchant, hope to establish a good relationship between the business and the guest, high commission recommended shops to Taobao customers, while the excellent ability of the Taobao customers recommend to businesses, to achieve win-win and grow together. But the reality is that, Taobao always want to recommend some high conversion rate, good evaluation, high commission shops; some new stores are difficult to convert, low commission, it is difficult to get Pro gaze. Some people say that Taobao customers are Kam decals, it is true, if you are new stores, conversion rate in general, or do not consider Taobao promotion. How to promote the new store, how to develop


so we not only invest in entrepreneurs, but also many colleagues who focus on helping our entrepreneurs free of charge for recruitment, training, marketing, legal support and so on. We put every entrepreneur as a friend, we often say: what is our business, entrepreneurs it is us.