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, but the tool application also faces the Red Sea competition, because enters the market late, the snack tool APP faces "has before the wolf, after has the tiger" the awkward situation >

now more information on the Internet, most people are looking for a simple model, directly used, the pursuit of fast track. You say again badly, too complicated, they are not on the theory too much, not in vain. Tell me more about these interesting cases. They are process, analysis and reference.

dim sum: weak market competitiveness led to the three transition

snacks can be summed up as lack of direction + concentration and execution. Initially, the field of mobile phone business ROM has been highly anticipated, once considered to be more mobile than App mobile core Internet portal. Dim sum hopes to cooperate with the big manufacturers in the industry and some middle and high-end brand mobile phone manufacturers to customize the mobile phone ROM. But it didn’t work out, the mobile phone market in 2011 Chinese ROM and to achieve the expectations of the market, such as Samsung, HTC and other large manufacturers have developed their own system, the reality of cooperation with SHARP, Amagatarai snacks only order of first tier brands. But the shipment of these manufacturers is not high, affecting the number of snack ROM users together.

snacks began to realize that the mobile Internet "users are king" reason: want to raise the number of users as soon as possible, through the tool APP applications are much easier to achieve than ROM. At this point, snacks began to transition for the first time, downsizing, controlling the size of the company and reducing the company’s expenses. Data show that refreshments have been developed independently by APP, including dim sum desktop, dim sum address book, dim sum alarm clock, dim sum box synchronization, etc.. App plus ROM, the cumulative number of users has reached 120 million, bringing snacks daily tens of thousands of yuan of stable advertising revenue.

The repeated transition of

what kind of case do you like better? I just made an investigation. Most people still like the stories, the case analysis and the operation skills.


has been busy giving advice, many people ask me some promotion methods of network marketing, but no time to sum up. In fact, in some cases is of great significance. The technical requirements are not high, as long as the implementation in place, the effect is good.


group almost every will use, some people just to chat, pull the crap. Others can be used as cash Qian Shu, their own business, may earn is not much, but better than working for other people to work hard to force the strong.


this kind of thing, I carefully think about it a lot, have their own side, there are customers, there are some I know more about the inside, in any case, each has its own advantages, each with its own characteristics.

, this is a small project I changed hands in 2010, mainly for those game studios and game players to sell online agent, so that they can easily play foreign games. I spent two years with this little project, and I learned it with my friends. Later, the domestic game operators relatively strict management, often titles, business is bad, but also want to do something else. Business is still available, but there are tens of thousands of income every month, just to make it more troublesome.

, tell me something about myself first.

COO said Huang snacks is difficult to be realized, ROM mobile phone to mobile phone, OS is a long industrial chain that relates to chip manufacturers, foundries, mobile phone design companies, mobile phone brands etc.. And in the brush machine market, ROM has been unable to break the mobile phone enthusiasts this small circle, becoming a popular product.

was a high school friend after graduation in looking for a job, I asked what a good job, I said yes, I will give him the thing, as long as there is a cable, have time to chat, you can fix the technical threshold is 0, he heard the mood, said he can do. I put the model to teach him, part of the business to him, many of the account and group were given to him, because this small project is not profit, the maintenance fee time, took over the past day there are basically three hundred or four hundred dollars a month, there are also more than 10000. But if you do not maintain, then there is no need to bind people next to the computer. Originally, I found eight people at most, two computers per person, and later on, the business was bad, and then reduced to three people. I want to do other projects to go, just the computer and personnel transferred to him simply, basically, take over, there is profit.

snacks experienced 3 times of transition and transformation since August 2010: from the mobile phone manufacturers to customize OS first extends to provide users with ROM; and then transition to the development of APP application tool, during the acquisition of Android optimization master, is considered to be the most valuable asset now snack snacks; development center has been trying to transfer to Web App, which started the OS mobile phone business has been watered down.

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no wonder ah, a lot of news, many theoretical knowledge of space, the soup more, all these boasting everywhere, in the end there is no effect, can not fall, reference

November 23rd news Innovation workshop since its inception, has been the focus of media attention, under the leadership of Li Kaifu a stride forward singing militant songs. From the incubator to the run-up and the initial investment, the Innovation workshop has invested 50 start-up projects over the past 3 years. It has assisted entrepreneurs in applying for 53 patents, with a total of 45 employees. Some of the projects that have come out of innovation workshops have undergone some transformations, some of them are facing difficulties, and some have been successfully sold. But behind the predicament they have experienced hardships, and the reasons for the success, it is worth all the startups.