8 months of my Wangzhuan RoadXu Xiaoping entrepreneurs are never losers Why

, Chinese partner, teacher Xu Xiaoping, is always full of light and fun when he appears in public. As a matter of fact, Miss Xu is a standard good student. Every time he speaks, he always makes very detailed preparations.

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but because I really want to get this site up, I’m looking for Internet company friends to help them find acquaintances, just for the sake of cheap.

at the end of September last year, the general secretary Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang took the Political Bureau team to Zhongguancun, Robin Li, Liu Chuanzhi, Lei Jun made a report to them. This is significant, which proves that top leadership began to pay attention to the bottom of the hitherto unknown business in October 8th, I went to Shanghai to participate in Entrepreneurship Week activities, general secretary Xi Jinping wrote a letter to them, the highest leadership so pay more attention to the university so as to encourage entrepreneurship.

experience, I think through this article put them down, on the one hand, left to their own memories and reflection, on the other hand, we hope to be able to like me in the way a friend some reference and Inspiration of

entrepreneurs are never losers, why? Because you only have transformation, no failure. Of course, only to give up and fail, give up is that you choose a relaxed and happy job, you stick to it, you can always find what you want, so entrepreneurs will not fail,


‘s 1 hour speech attracted more and more Peking University students. In this period of ten thousand words of speech, he commented on the success of Yu Minhong, Ma Yun, and why he invested aunt it, volt cattle hall, dry full.

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then comes the stress effect diagram, the process of reviewing and modifying.

at that time and site people on the chat, finalize 500 dollars to help me do a good job on the site. The first is the effect diagram,

there are a lot of friends asked me how the whole website? I have answered "is doing it, but also good", and also encourage their friends to the site to see, because I was added to the content from the forum, sorted out from my previous training data inside, I personally think very much a >

effect diagram, I continue to do the program.

in September 24th, the Peking University’s first campus Jin ELIFE horse entrepreneurship contest launch ceremony, Xu’s speech is still very exciting about those things in the mobile Internet era of venture capital circles, and entrepreneurs how to impress investors.

, but the website basically can realize the function that publishes an article, and home page looks ok also.

, he believes, is now the golden age of an unprecedented venture. Premier Li Keqiang recently in a speech in Davos, said to a civilian grassroots entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial tide. Therefore, the whole entrepreneurial atmosphere, entrepreneurial environment has never been better see the media earlier, "Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang sounded entrepreneurship" assembly number ".

had more than a month’s time, help me do the man to give me the use of the site, although some local display is not very good, for example, click on our top page, enter the part became what power company.

so I added content every day in order not to leave the page empty.

entrepreneurs are never losers, why? Because you only have transformation, no failure. Of course, only to give up without fail, you choose to give up is a pleasant work, you stick to it, you can always find what you want, so entrepreneurs will not fail, we have numerous examples of this, if it failed, collect of a few brothers together and the birth of a great company, or you join a business, rapid growth of the enterprise, they become the co-founder, they become the core of entrepreneurs, so entrepreneurship is not lost.

has the meaning of encouraging people to "learn". I have always thought that this domain name is valuable, so I keep it until now. Although the development of learning network is far from the concept at that time.

will then go to school www.go2learn.cn. At that time, I think to do the webmaster to create passive income is very simple, as long as a platform to publish the article, then someone comes to publish the article, after having put some advertising, or flow and training sector cooperation to promote their programs, then the commission. So the end is very full.


has been almost a year from computer technology to the present.

has been working in the training industry since he graduated 06 years later, so he has the idea to set up this website. Domain name is also very good, self feeling. It’s called: www.go2learn.cn, consciousness is go, to, learn, translated into Chinese is "to learn",

I didn’t have any knowledge of the website, even html.

last September, 07 years, I worked while I bought space and domain names, wanted to build a training material type of Web site, when the webmaster, to create passive income.

entrepreneurship can not succeed? Not necessarily, the probability of failure is much higher than the probability of success, but this is the spirit of Zhongguancun, but also the spirit of a true entrepreneur. So, in this case, everyone should put their ideas into play. The whole entrepreneurial atmosphere, the whole idea of entrepreneurship, the whole entrepreneurial conditions, including angel investors, the whole society for entrepreneurs is now unprecedented good, so we must seize this era.