Today’s capital Xu Xin entrepreneurs should dare to finance big money do not care too much about eq

one, category thinking

has evolved into an era of entrepreneurship. Earlier, a few people were forced to go for laid-off, so a variety of vendors, owners of private enterprises such as a field full of flowers; then, more young people back pack, with "dare" courage, or south or North, then there is a "drift" such term also. For the "talent base of Guangzhou Shenzhen four city.

Since the reform and opening up,

in addition, Jingdong early in the construction of logistics warehousing also put a lot of money, a city is OK, when you copy to thirty cities, you have to lose a lot of money. But after the completion of the building, users are very satisfied with the order before noon eleven, the day arrived, the evening orders for second days arrival, so that Jingdong occupied the user’s mind.

investment case: Jingdong, market, potatoes, Ctrip, vip, the U.S. group and the public comment, NetEase, chinahr, babe network, newpalm, Kungfu catering, affordable herbal medicine etc..

when we voted for Jingdong in the early days, they only had 50 employees. Jingdong took our money to do the first thing is to expand the category, plus a mobile phone, plus the electricity, small appliances.

work, or entrepreneurship, this is a problem.

micro coffee is located in Shanghai, Huangpu District’s most central, only a hundred meters away from the Huangpu River, next to the wedding photography shop and the stock exchange is still booming, while the micro coffee has closed. The free WiFi on the door and the store’s entrepreneurial posters are blurred, but the door has been hung with rusty chain locks. According to the security guards at the building, the cafe has been vacant and not rented since closing, and the scene has been at least one or two years.

coffee is located in the remote Yangpu District tower slightly, gathered here in Shanghai for the number of entrepreneurs. ATA coffee into a closed language training organization, next opened up a pretty petty cafe. The cafe owner said, there are a lot of people looking for about 00 ATA found their coffee here, later found not a cup of coffee, will talk about something she could not understand the topic, finally left unhappy.

80 of the last century, in 90s, it is a working age, after graduation assigned, our fathers were a work of old civil servants is also known as a secure job, preparation, good benefits, other people.

because we regard price as the first factor of strategy. We also voted for vip before

, also in Yangpu, has no coffee, and has just changed to another cafe, IPO’s home. "Ipo>."

Xu Xin, graduated from the English Department of Nanjing University in 1988, worked in Chinese bank’s business department, was promoted to deputy chief; obtain a British CPA license, Ms. Xu into the Price Waterhouse; three years after entering the Peregrine engaged in direct investment work; after entering the baring investment group as executive director of Barings investment in Hongkong partner of the company, Xu Xin founded in 2005; today the capital, director of partner and president. He is also the initial investor and chairman of the board of directors, director of the China venture capital association.

Internet everything is good, that is, the cost of obtaining customers is very high, your user costs must be more expensive. The great richness of the product is Liu Qiangdong’s most important point. When Liu Qiangdong decided to sell books, lowering the threshold for new users to try for the first time, people came in, so expanding the category is very important.

Technology website

point to Shanghai’s four big business has done an inventory of coffee, including coffee, IC coffee, ATA micro coffee and coffee will help. In addition to IC coffee from IC card related communication transition to intelligent hardware, the other three major business coffee shops have been closed.



: the death of pioneering coffee,

users a lot, the first to capture the subdivision. If your customers are a group of very large enterprises, and there are few, you are not capable of negotiating. Lifetime cost savings, cost reduction, no meaning, nor price. So we don’t vote for B2B.

north, Shenzhen and Shenzhen, China’s four most developed cities, is also the impression of the most suitable for entrepreneurship in four cities. The author interviewed found that the entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial crowd has undergone significant changes and shifts. Choose to work, it is better to go north; choose entrepreneurship, may wish to go south.

, what we prefer is B2C, but B2C wants to locate. The crowd is Pyramid, with money on it and the poor below. We don’t love to do a special high-grade, love do mass base population, the population is.

the rise of the Internet, more of the birth of this entrepreneurial tide. In 2003, the NetEase of Ding Lei; 2004, 2013, sh419 grand Chen; Robin Li and Ma Huateng 2014, Ma Taobao Tencent…… Nearly 10 years of China’s richest man, almost all from the Internet entrepreneurs, which makes young people more eager to entrepreneurship – either graduating from entrepreneurship, or in the company after a few years of exercise, is still entrepreneurial.

in fact, consumers buy things have characteristics, they will first think of this category, and then think of the category of a brand, such as eating instant noodles, may think of Kangshifu, drink water, may think of the farmer spring.

so you’d better capture a category, such as typhoon shelter, Hong Kong Style dim sum, good shop is a snack, not too greedy to occupy a breakdown category is good.

in 2016, she founded today’s capital, management volume of 1 billion 500 million U. s.dollars, her highest investment yield of 800 times, she is China’s venture capital sector long renowned "wind Queen" – Xu Xin,