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cash of nearly 200 million, what attracted Legg Mason culture? My uncle cash of nearly 200 million, IP will not be the value of the overdraft? Recently a "fellow uncle 300 million prostitute" news in the financial circle raged! In simple terms, is 28 year old red net entrepreneurs "with the way uncle." sell the stock cash overnight billionaire story.

also in the development from the media into the inflection point of the moment, the real content of the top entrepreneurs not through the content itself become the nouveau riche content as the core, but the starting point IP, involved in the game, the electricity supplier, through the new media advertising model, generate more revenue.


days before the industry hot topics on the realization of fellow uncle bondservants, before I visit "Chinese Radio International · global information broadcast", talk about some of my views and opinions.

released Legg Mason cultural announcement of listed companies, the acquisition of 72.5% stake in fellow culture. Fellow founder Cai Yuedong stake dropped from about 72% to 12.5%, accounting for about 178 million yuan of cash. Some people sigh with emotion, compared to this year’s red burst network Papi sauce more commercial value; some people sigh with emotion, fellow uncle founder Cai Yuedong is worthy of the new media annual inspirational figures.

anchor: fellow uncle cash of nearly 200 million, the content of entrepreneurs will become the future nouveau riche people say? "The furthest distance in the world is not a Pisces and Virgo, but you are looking at his micro-blog giggle, he has quietly earned 2 hundred million." Yes, he is the analysis for your sign "fellow uncle", when he was at the end of 2016 had a big news: the sale of its holdings of Shenzhen City fellow uncle culture dissemination limited company stake to Mason holdings, cash of about 178 million yuan, in the end to achieve nearly 2 hundred million small target "". The acquisition is undoubtedly the largest amount of cash in the current field of content realized, by the end of the content to become a successful case of the realization of the end, can be regarded as a model of content entrepreneurs, right?

in my opinion divided uncle already not a fellow media account, but a comprehensive pan entertainment cultural enterprises, relying on fellow involved in a culture of many fields including e-commerce, the annual income of tens of millions of levels. So this time, we should correctly understand the realization of a business founder, rather than the outside understanding of a self realization of the media.

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from now Wangzhuan pioneers contact Wangzhuan time nearly two years, but still fail. Now to review and reflection, I let me off as if wakening from a dream, go on track · · ·

below is a summary of the highlights of the program:

Ding Tao: fellow uncle realized really inspirational, but this is not the content model of entrepreneurs, because today actually already is not a fellow uncle from the media account, but a comprehensive pan entertainment cultural enterprises, relying on fellow involved in a culture of many fields including e-commerce, every year income reached >

My uncle

08 years in June, I accidentally saw a mailbox on the Wangzhuan promotion email contact from that moment, I hesitate to put a hard Wangzhuan career. From now on, I was naive, for Wangzhuan, there is no thought, no reflection. Perhaps but as Wangzhuan MLM network liar rampant, grow up in this environment to be fooled, I have done some things that some Meixin, Mei Xin words, fortunately, their limited ability to do so can earn little harm to the novice friends, on this point, I was guilty but my heart is always relieved.

I also like them, blind and aimless, all immersed in the forum website, kantie, repetition, imitation. But at least for now, I become more mature, more thought, because I know how to accumulate, accumulate steadily, only the continuous accumulation of learning new knowledge, we can better adapt to the development of the network of the new situation.

today, I still believe that two, simply say: first, unlimited Wangzhuan the potential of the industry; second, Wangzhuan need to accumulate. After more than a year of learning, I feel like I’m getting started. I do not recommend Wangzhuan novice, too much reference to predecessors with experience, I hope to make friends novice entry, should make clear their goals, have their own ideas, but also don’t drift, the deterioration of the network environment, with their own conscience to be a responsible network to. Now I, although still nothing, but full of self-confidence, and then embarked on the journey. Numerous times to see the dream of tomorrow, in sight! Wangzhuan needs responsibility to protect, let all people to review their own conscience Wangzhuan

came all the way, all the way over here, get rid of conscience, be used to network really many. To a certain extent, the vast majority of them are victims, and there are only a few people who have benefited from it. In the vanity of the Internet era, people are expecting something for nothing, overnight, they did not pursue a simple repeat copy and paste, with a no technical content of action, without his mind and soul, but still hope this can bring you success!

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